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  • Make way for Prince Ali!

  • Say hey! It's Prince Ali!

  • Here, make way! Look, make way! Get out the way

  • Hey you, move aside, for the splendor and pomp

  • Come on, get caught by his eyes faster

  • We're greeting him loudly

  • Sound of bell! Beat of stomach!

  • Ah look! There he comes!

  • That's the prince, sublime prince, Ali Ababwa

  • Bow your head, he's coming, get on your knees

  • According to the customary world

  • Greeted him in "Salam"

  • His entourage is sensational, without lying

  • Prince Ali, what a magic, Ali Ababwa

  • Look at him powerful, healthy and invincible

  • The formidable rider is passing

  • The first sword stroke in the battle

  • Delivered from the hand of Ali

  • He's got 66 golden camels

  • Aren't they charming, Janica?

  • And he has lots of peacocks

  • Fabulous, I love the feathers

  • This isn't any bold claim

  • The world is his

  • For any desire

  • He's launching a rich army already

  • Prince Ali will impress you with his beauty

  • What a physique, it's magnificent, he's charming

  • Tear your veil off and look

  • Get the speed up and join

  • Because he's a dainty, prince Ali!

  • He has white, persian monkeys

  • And the entery is completely free

  • Slaves, how many servants does he have?

  • They will supply all his whims

  • They're loyal and disciplined, and they'd all die for him

  • Prince Ali! Great Ali!

  • Great Ali, only Ababwa is so handsome!

  • Pretty princess picked the rumour up

  • He's heard Jasmine was free and that's why he comes by

  • And elephants, lama's carrying

  • bears, lions, horn are playing

  • And his hundred fakirs, his cooks,

  • his parrots that sing in tune with me

  • He's the great Ali!

Make way for Prince Ali!

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Aladdin - Prince Ali [Multilanguage + subs & translation]

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