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Radio Flyer, founded in the 1917, is the Chicago based manufacturer of tricycles, scooters, and most classically, little red wagons.
Tesla Motors, incorporated in 2003, is the silicon Valley automaker leading the innovation of electric cars.
Put them together and what do you get?
The Tesla Model S for Kids,
a battery-powered ride-on toy for kids between ages three and eight,
which brings us to our test driver
I’m Felix Patterson and I’m 5 years-old. I live in Brooklyn, New York
One recent Saturday, I led the lad over to Brooklyn bridge park. It's a little less than a mile down the road from the local Tesla showroom
and it seems like a great spot to put the car for its paces.
Assembly was quick.
And the operation so intuitive that I could condense a driver's ed class down to a minute.
The toy has two modes: drive and reverse
One pedal to accelerate and it sports side view mirrors, a lithium ion battery and headlights much like its full-scale counterparts.
It also has an auxiliary port and speakers for cruising with some tunes
The real Model S goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in two and half seconds,
and in about same span of time, this one went from 0 to 6, its top speed.
It can also be set to a lower maximum speed of 3 mph, by accessing a child-resistant switch at the rear.
the kid seems to be enjoying himself, that's what I expected
He's one of those kids thrilled just to sit in the front seat of a parked rental car and pretend to drive.
The toy also proved to be educational, quickly broke the boy of the habit of oversteering, that has led to so many crashes in arcade racing games.
So, what about the bottomline?
The vehicle's base price is 500 dollars, which maybe sounds like a lot of money
until you consider that, in this neighbourhood, that buys you about 20 hours of babysitting.
At first, all Felix had to say was, it was fun.
Then we went out for a cup of hot cocoa and he took out his coloured pencils and drew me a picture.
The "young man's self-portrait as a motorist" told me that his Tesla ride left a truly lasting impression.
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Tesla Made a Model S for Your Kids, and It's Adorable

109 Folder Collection
Kiara published on January 11, 2017    Kiara translated    Steven reviewed
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