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Dynamic Radar Cruise Control functions similar to
conventional “constant speed” cruise control in that it
helps vehicles travel at a consistent speed set by the driver,
but this system adds a vehicle-to-vehicle distance control mode
which assists the driver with helping to maintain a pre-set distance
to a preceding vehicle when the preceding vehicle
is traveling at lower speed.
Once a vehicle speed is set by the driver,
Dynamic Radar Cruise Control uses millimetre-wave radar
and an in-vehicle camera to detect vehicles in front of your
vehicle and help determine their distance.
The system is designed to adjust vehicle speed
automatically (within a set range) to help maintain a pre-set
distance between your vehicle and the preceding vehicle.
If the vehicle ahead is detected traveling at a speed slower
than your set speed or within your distance range,
setting the system is designed to automatically decelerate
your vehicle without having to cancel the cruise control.
When a greater reduction in vehicle speed is necessary
the system may apply the brakes and operate
your vehicle brake lights. The system will then respond
to changes in the speed of the vehicle ahead in order
to help maintain the vehicle-to-vehicle distance set by the
driver or return to the preset speed once the road ahead is clear.
The vehicle-to-vehicle distance, or distance
between your vehicle and preceding vehicle, can be set
by operating the vehicle-to-vehicle distance control.
Pressing the button allows the driver to choose from
three vehicle-to-vehicle distance settings.
When there is no longer a preceding vehicle driving
slower than your vehicle's set speed, the system accelerates
until the set speed is reached and returns to constant speed cruising.
Refer to your Toyota Owner's Manual for additional
inormation on the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control System.
The features and functions described in this video
might not be applicable to your Toyota model.
See your Owner's Manual for details.
Thanks for watching this Know Your Toyota video!
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Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) - Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)

286 Folder Collection
Tom published on January 3, 2017
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