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Alright I'm done messing about.
[Mike] Is it time? [Rengar] Tonight we hunt [Mike] It's time
Ok I'm bot lane let's see it team. Let's see it, let's see what you're made of
Go go go what are you guys doing? [Mike] Let me see the Rengar plays. Get in there!
There we go there we go there we go
What kind of choppers oh, Ok That's not bad
Ooooh, we got the rooterino [Mike] Nice [DJ Khaled] Another one And another one, let's go!
[Mike] Niice She is fed dude
"My birthday is exactly one week from today"
Happy birthday, happy early birthday dude. "What are you gonna get me?" I'm gonna get you a...
Moby huge
[Mike] That's so terrible
Why are they doing drake? Y'know what? I realise people overvalue drake
In this elo, in this elo dude, people overvalue drake, get off dragon.
Ye, Oh my gosh [Mike] RIP
"No" I don't think you have a choice now do you?
[Mike] I think they made the decision for you, young kemosabe.
"I don't know why your doing gromp" You're*
You mad bro, why you mad bro
Can I do this?
[Mike] I don't know? Can you? Oh yeah.
[Mike] Well Eve is there in twenty minutes so careful.
[Mike] And Morg is next to you. Nice dude. [Nightblue] (Monkey noises) [Mike] You ok?
No. That's my... that's my mating call
Oh oh. He's not happy, he's not a happy panda.
[Mike] What did you do? Nothing.. [Mike] Did you? Did you tax... did you take all his farm?
No, oh no, he's not a happy panda at all. [Mike] Oh, what a sad Panda.
Uhm, Dude I actually don't like killing.
Um, I'm a, I'm a, I'm not a fighter dude. I'm a lover not a fighter.
[Mike] I uh feel that. So I'd appreciate it if we could actually maybe talk it out with him?
You wanna have a conversation with him? [Mike] Yeh, let's have a conversation with him.
Yeh ok, just talk it out man. Why fight?
Let's fight with our pens instead of our... wait our pens? Yo, ready? Let's go! Let's talk to him.
Let's talk to him. [Mike] Dude I have no health. What was that purple thing? What was that purple thing, Mike?
Talk to him! Talk to him Mike!
Hey man we can talk it out we, can talk this out. [Mike] Why would you do that to me? Awhhh
[Mike] Why would you do that to me? Awh, look at you cuties. Look at 'em, kappa pride.
Look at them. Awh they're having a little sleepover.
Look at 'em.
Dude, you know what I'm just done.
I want to show you something. Mike, Mike look at me. Mike, look at me real quick.
Just look at me!
[Mike] I'm watching it. Just look at me mom.
Get outta my jungle.
We actually like met in bed while camping by the way.
You see what I did? [Mike] Yes I was actually. You were not. You're the worst boyfriend ever dude.
That's it, you know what, I'm no longer kappa pride. Mike has actually
turned me non kappa pride. Can you get out of my face.
Trying to step up to the Rengo, trying to tango with the Rengo? Don't think so.
I'm gonna need you to uh...
to do a countdown Mike. [Mike] K. Starting from uh.. starting from five please
[Mike] Ok 5... 4... 3... 2... 1
Oooooh, you counted a little too quick there. [Mike] wow, wow...
A little too quick Mike, little slower next time okay?
That's what she said!
Ulti, Mike! Ulti! [Mike] It's ok.
[Mike] Not even upset. Can I get a klappa in the chat for Mike? He's such a nice guy.
Like he's trying to end world hunger this game and [Mike] I'm not even upset.
Yeh, complain about your jungler, tell 'em. Tell 'em, tell 'em. Mhm.
[Mike] They probably think we're serious
[Mike] Oh no! Help me! HELP ME!
If you die to her, you're actually bad.
[Mike] You helped me!? I'm actually like disrespecting but I should stop huh?
[Mike] Wait yeh, because if she kills me I'm gonna lose it
[Mike and Nightblue] Nooooo! Why did I just not kill her?
[Mike] See that's what you get man, you playing with your food and now the kitties dead in the street got hit by a bus
[Mike] Kitty got hit by a mack truck because he had to play with food.
[Mike] Lesson learned, what did we learn today kids? Okay okay okay you're right.
Y'know what, you make a good point. [Mike] Not to be a boosted bonobo.
It's time to shine, like optimus prime.
I'm coming in.
Don't mind me.
I'm just gonna kill your ADC.
[Mike] Oh that rhymed.
Ooooh, block it for me, block it for me. I'm coming in.
Oh is that Mike? [Mike] I'm here, I'm here.
With the most boosted ulti I've ever had to witness?[Mike] No, no, it was actually pretty good.
[Mike] Wait, where's our ADC? Jinx?...Jinx?
"Are you mad? because you're going to be because as I said before, throwing this game. You can report because I cba"
[Mike] Wait he said he's purposely throwing the game? Why's he mad?
[Mike] These people get so butthurt over this game man.
She thinks? she thinks that she's gonna? I WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY TO THROW THIS GAME.
[Mike] Ooooh, kill 'em.
She thinks she can throw this game. She thinks she can throw this game. She thinks that she has the ability that
she has contr- [Mike] I was confused, because we would've won that fight if she was there.
Hold on Mike, I'm focussing dude. [Mike] Hold on, we got a situation here. I'm focussing, I'm focussing...
Do not let it control your emotions, exactly. Tell 'em Bob Ross.
Did Morg zhonya? Did Morg zhonya? [Mike] I heard a zhonya go off.
No! I'm bad! It's ok though.
Yo, I thought she was gonna throw, what happened?
[Mike] Ummm, I'm not sure?
Um, I'm actually looking to uh, blow some booty as well here.
We have view of that.
Yeh, go go go go, Mike go, Mike go in, Mike just go in. Lead the charge. [Mike] I have no vision.
Lead the charge, Mike. Mike! Mike do it.
[Mike] Oh
Mike! Lead the charge!
[Mike] This is free hang on. Mike are you even doing anything?
[Mike] Yeah Are you being boosted again?
[Mike] No, that was free? HELP HELP HELP HELP
[Mike] OOOH He's dead!
Can I get a thank-you or something?
[Mike] For what? Or a good job?
Some sort of gratification like something? [Mike] What you did you do?
[Mike] I saw you in there with your 3D glasses
[Mike] Yeah you were in the background like, "Oh this a really cool team fight man."
Since when did I turn indian?
[Mike] What'd you say?
You had an indian accent? Since when did I turn indian?
[Mike] (In an attempted indian accent) I didn't not have an indian accent my friend.
That's racist. [Mike] That's not racist. That's racist
Are you saying that all indians sound like that or something?
[Mike] No Yo, mess her up! mess her up!
Take her to town! Take her to town!
That's a lag, that's a lag. [Mike] Are you ok? I'm fine. I'm fine.
I'm just taking nap, just taking a catnap. Get it? get it?
Get it? HAHA catnap. Do you get it?
Mike, you get it?
[Mike] I get it. Mike laugh at my joke, please. [Mike] I get it, I'm sorry. Haha, lol. Whatever dude.
[Mike] What would you have done without me? I might- My CC and my ults have been so spot-on what
What would I have done without you? I probably would've been rank one without you.
[Mike] End this game 15 minutes ago without me. Probably would have been ranked 1 without you. [Mike] Look at Jinx's dead body.
I probably would be tasting, tasting victory. I would be tasting-
[Mike] You would be at the top with a trophy in your hands above your head.
You're holding me back from greatness dude. [Mike] I'm like cinderblocks on your ankles. Cinderblocks?
You're like solid cement dude. [Mike] U-hauls on my feet.
[Mike] Oh no, what are we doing? Just follow me, follow me chipmunk. Alvin follow me.
[Mike] Ok Follow me Alvin
[Mike] I am your chipmunk. Alvin follow me. [Mike] I am your chipmunk.
I'm doing the loop-de-loops we're gonna go over here. [Mike] I am your chipmunk.
We're gonna walk past her. You deal with her.
[Mike] I got you. Ok can you go in? [Mike] Yes
Can you just go in? [Mike] I got 'em
[Mike] Hello? Help me?
[Mike] Help me? Help me? Help you with what?
[Mike] You told me to go in and you didn't help. Took my wolf, I'm afk. [Mike] You're garbage.
You drunk rito?
The math is that my ulti is going to be up before look ready, look ready?
Seven seconds you see that calculations calcumalation
need to do is you just deal with her and we're gonna do is I'm gonna all go now
because I can, and I'm gonna look for Evelynn cause Everlynn right now is
invisible she's all sneaky. [Mike]No, she's in base man. she's all sneaky you know what
I'm actually ignore Evelynn I'm just going to go straight for the ADC hello
[Mike] Yo, are you ready for my plays? Evelynn is here... 99% chance of her being here.
[Mike] You ready? Oh, I'm ready.
Ooh, get exhaus- get exhausted.
[Mike] Help me, I'm stuck! Zhonya
[Mike] I did
[Mike] Nooo Oh no.
Oh no
Wait, Mike died?
[Mike] Yeah. Awh
Mike, I'm sorry... I'll kill Lucian in your honour. 6 seconds.
[Mike] My purpose, was to help the team man. Here we go, here we go.
[Mike] I'm ready, I'm ready. This is for you dude.
Good game.
[Mike] Wow Just taking a catnap that's all.
Just taking a catnap. [Mike] Poor thing.
I thought that Jinx was gonna throw the game huh. [Mike] Oh I did more damage than Jinx I just want you to know that.
Yeh but she tried to throw the game, but y'know what?
She wasn't heavy enough.
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277 Folder Collection
156484 published on January 3, 2017
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