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  • Hi! This is Dave Smith with Hillcrest Ski and Sports in Gresham, Oregon on behalf of

  • Expert Village. In this tutorial we will cover beginning skiing. In this clip we're going

  • to talk about how to recover from a fall. Falling is part of learning to ski. It happens

  • to everyone. So, we need to know how to get back on our feet so that we can get on the

  • slope again. There are many different ways in which you can fall and positions you can

  • find yourself in after you've fallen. The basic thing that needs to happen is this,

  • you need to get your skis downhill from the rest of your body and perpendicular to the

  • slope so that you can stand up without moving any further down the hill. I'm going to show

  • you a few various positions that you may fall in and illustrate how one can recover from

  • this position and get to a point where they're ready to start skiing again. In this scenario,

  • my skis have crossed and I need to get them uncrossed. Get my skis back underneath my

  • body. Push up on the hill and stand. In this scenario, I've taken a face first fall. Again,

  • I'm going to remove my pole straps. See if I can get my skis below me. Again, my skis

  • are crossed. Uncross them. Get my skis underneath me, push against the slope and stand. If you

  • ever find yourself in a position where you don't feel like you can get your feet underneath

  • you, you can go ahead and remove your skis. Find your heel piece of your binding and push

  • on it until your boot pops out of the binding. And that brings us to our next clip which

  • is what to do if you experience a fall where you lose a ski.

Hi! This is Dave Smith with Hillcrest Ski and Sports in Gresham, Oregon on behalf of

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