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Oh, there it go!
Hi everyone, i'm Taiwan Nestle!
It be a long time not playing Minecraft.
I find a map on the foreign website.
It is a map of isolated island.
,and it was made from a foreigner.
Well... Let's get into the game now!
Oh, actually I have took a look before I start recording.
Take the two books in the box.
I think it's a list of rules.
let's take a look.
NO cheating.
It means that you can't fly and take the item?!
Anyway just NO cheating!
Can't leave the island. Can't kill yourself on purpose.
Anyway just don't suicide.
Suicide on purpose. Almost like this!
I think it's what it means. (poor english)
Let's see the achievements.
WOW there're 33 achievements here.
I think.... SKIP it first.
Let's survive first.
We change the difficulty to Hard.
It ask if we want to lock the difficulty or not.
And we choose Yes!
That will be more excited, right?
I remember there is a rule of this map.
You're standing on the isolated island.
And you CAN'T leave the island
unless you find the other island.
If you find the new one then you can go to it.
Otherwise you can't leave here.
OK.. let's...
Oh! it gave us some tools, that's thoughtful!
ok Let's start!
What~ (Raining)
I'm gonna turn the sound down a little bit.
Weather... ok that should be ok.
Chop the tree. Chop the tree.
Why it rains as I coming in?!
(triple speed)
I would've played the extreme mode.
But I'm afraid that I'll dead.
So...Forget it!
Why there are so many trees here~
How can I chop them all!
Let's weed this place first.
Then we can take the seed.
oops, there suppose to have some water around, right?
We can use the water and have a farm here.
I afraid I'll be lost here XD
There are so many trees here.
! I think I see somrthing there.
It looks like a Mountain.
Feel like seeing somrthing there.
Alright. Never mind. Keep Chopping.
(triple speed)
(sound of Creeper)
I hear the Zombie.
Get away~
There is the other one here.
Wow I see the sheep!
Kill the sheep first.
I think i need to build a tiny base....
(Zombie sound)
I heard it again!
OH! Over there.
The Zombie not always be hit out by every hit.
I just got touch several times.
(build the house)
(triple speed)
I'll use the mud.
I ran out of my woods.
(triple speed)
OH! I can made three doors on one time.
Maybe it happened before XD
really be a long time not playing this
The final challenge will be the Ender Dragon too!
But there isn't one of my films get the goal ever.
This series will ! maybe..
A little bit lonely here...
Let's dig the groud later.
(Collect rock)
(triple speed)
(background sound)
OH! What's that sound?
(triple speed)
Maybe live in the cave will be more safe.
It feel so safe here~
If i have some torch will be better.
(triple speed)
Back to made some rock tool.
Put them all to the box.
Make a box first. the big one.
(flash sound)
OH~ that's the sound of Elder Guardian.
Ender man
I know why it's flash over and over.
Because it scared of water.
now is raining, so it keep flashing.
no, make a forge first.
We can burn the coal.
We need more woods.
oh I see the Creeper.
(triple speed)
Burn more! We need the torch.
The house I builded is not balance XD
Here is less, there is more :1
Not really good, and i even use the mud.
there is a hole there.
So dark.
Let's put some torch around here...
I get twenty four torches.
Should be enough.
(triple speed)
When is the sun coming up?
Burn some meat.
Well.. Let's keep digging.
(triple speed)
(background sound)
Skeleton! Skeleton!
I got shocked by the sound.
Let's dig from here.
Really want to find some mine.
(triple speed)
Coal. Dig some of it.
Here isn't balance either.
Dig one of here.
(triple speed)
So many coal! Ficished.
I'll keep digging down.
(triple speed)
oh, the rain stop?
nah, it rains again. wrong felling.
there is no more raining sound here.
maybe it's because I'm under the ground
Feel quiet here.
Feel uncomfortable now.
There was a old story on minecraft...
I'll scared myself. It appear behind me.
It's a folklore of HIM.
It says that he will show up in this path.
this kind of tiny path.
You focus on digging, and when you look back.
there is a man stand beind you.
looks like steve but have the white eyes
Why i use the woods XD
let's get up to ground.
i think it's morning now.
There is no sound of raining.
Yah! It's mornig.
(Time to plant)
I find the water!
(triple speed)
You can find out this is the Isolated island.
There are some sand here.
We can plant it here first.
(triple speed)
No more seed.
Next time if I'm going to recovery them
I need to keep following here...
Are you dead? XD
It never move~
Come on, move a little bit!
Finally move~
Alright. time to end the broadcasting~
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【Minecraft】巢哥實況:Lonely Island孤島系列#1 不平衡的開始!【當個創世神】

608 Folder Collection
Diego Lin published on December 29, 2016
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