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- Safiya, Tyler, what are we doing this week?
- We are styling each other, right?
- I'm gonna look like Tyler's sister for a week.
(drums and saxophone playing)
- I'm actually like pretty dressed up today.
What I usually wear is like a t-shirt,
probably a V-neck, and gym shorts.
- You're a warm guy.
- My goals in life are to get to the point where
I can wear a Hawaiian shirt everyday and it's acceptable.
- I wear a lot of trendy pieces, a lot of dark colors.
My favorite shade is black,
some people tell me it's not a color.
- Shade, yeah.
- Alright, Tyler, what's your plan for Safiya?
- I think Saf's adapting like a little bit of this
like queen or darkness thing,
which I'm like pretty down with.
I'd like to mix in some brighter colors.
Like I know that's not perfect queen of darkness,
but I'd like to see how it'd look.
- Tyler was a prep, now he's kind of sporty,
but the gym shorts have got to stop.
Something that he couldn't go
straight from bed to gym in would be great.
Am I being too harsh?
- So, I'm wearing the outfit Saf got me.
I got this white shirt with
the splotches on it, and a pair of jeans.
- So today he made me wear this like shoulder-paddy top.
- They're a little skinny, I was a little uncomfortable
when I was sitting in the office.
- But it's pretty much something I would wear already,
so I don't really know what he's going for.
I learned that Tyler likes shoulders.
- I like shoulders, yeah.
We're going to Costco, and I think I look ready for Costco.
I have a pair of pants on,
I look like a presentable human being.
- I mean, I'm into the shoulder pads.
Always down for a good shoulder pad.
- I've got this flannel that I'm wearing that Saf got me.
It's kind of like a blast to the past for college Tyler.
- Today, Tyler's chosen this turquoise, strappy top,
and then, I don't know if you guys can see
my little sneakers down there.
He's definitely going for the sporty thing.
- It's very warm, more comfortable than that other shirt.
- I'm very comfortable.
It's definitely not something I would
ever wear to the office.
- If Saf likes it, I might wear it more.
- I'm just interested to see as the week goes,
if he'll just like lose steam.
'Cause day one was awesome, and day two's kinda like
clothes, you know, just clothes.
Okay so it's day three.
Tyler today chose a white tank top,
with leggings and my Birkenstocks.
- Safiya picked out this gem for me.
She said, you know, it's more of the style she wants
where it's like a button-down.
They say "dress for the job that you want,"
I think that that makes sense for me to go in with biz caj.
- The top is kinda like loose and flowy and tunic-y.
- Had a couple meetings today,
it definitely looked more professional.
- I get why Tyler wears shorts everyday.
He's put me in yoga pants every single day so far,
and I'm having a great time.
I will say that today was probably Tyler's worst day.
He bought these pants
that I don't like.
These are like straight out of Beetlejuice pants.
Literally, you wanna take another look?
I don't like drawing a lot of attention to my hips.
I applaud him for taking a little bit of a fashion risk,
but I don't think that today was the best day.
- Oh yeah, we went shopping in Vegas.
- [Safiya] Yeah. - We did that whole thing.
- We stopped in Guess to get Tyler a shirt
because last time we were in Vegas,
he ripped his shirt in half, so,
Let's see what he looks like.
- 'Cause we were going to Britney Spears, right?
And so Saf basically deemed
everything I had not Britney caliber.
- [Safiya] It looks cute, right?
- Right.
- Tyler picked out my outfit.
He did a great job.
I may have made some faces to prompt him.
- Is this a good style?
Joggers, shirt tucked in?
Maybe I'll wear it a little higher, who knows.
- [Safiya] It's a little scandalous, I will say,
but I'm pretty into it.
I think that my goal for the week was
just to get him in pants.
- There was a day where I went home at lunch
and changed out into a t-shirt.
She likes when I wear pants,
and she likes when I wear a button-down.
And it was kinda fun,
I felt like I was in a pseudo fashion show
every time I was like dressing up.
I definitely have a very high respect for Safiya's eye.
- I think that Tyler's opened Pandora's box
with letting me dress him because
now I'm just gonna try to dress him all the time.
(trumpet and drum music)
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Couples Dress Each Other For A Week - Safiya and Tyler

665 Folder Collection
Paul Paula published on December 28, 2016
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