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  • ANNOUNCER: Maria had all the right moves.

  • She just couldn't get the breaks.

  • -Look, I'm sorry.

  • You're just not good enough.

  • You can't cut it with the 718.


  • -Maria, what do you want to do with your life?

  • -I gotta get a real job.

  • -Honey built this studio with her dance career.

  • -Yeah, we all can't be like your daughter, Mrs. Daniels.

  • ANNOUNCER: Now, she's gotta take the first step to get a

  • second chance.

  • -Come dance with us.

  • -I'll dance with you on one condition.

  • We get on Battle Zone and we beat the 718.

  • -Last season, the 718 set this place on fire.

  • -You're not going to be talking all that trash when we

  • beat you on TV.

  • -You know, your girl's got a mouth on her.

  • ANNOUNCER: From Universal Pictures--

  • -You know how much dancing means to me.

  • -You can do this.

  • -Five, six, seven, eight.

  • ANNOUNCER: And the director of Honey.

  • -You need to come a lot stronger than this.

  • -We gotta do something.

  • -Let's battle.


  • ANNOUNCER: When the battle begins--

  • -The best crews from last year will be there.

  • ANNOUNCER: Go every step of the way.

  • -We're not gonna lose.

  • ANNOUNCER: Featuring music by Estelle, La Roux,

  • and Far East Movement.

  • -Dancing's how I say the things I wanna say.

  • ANNOUNCER: Honey 2.

  • -Don't do anything I wouldn't do.


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