B1 Intermediate US 112 Folder Collection
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Don't you gimme your love 'n passion!
Let's writhe in Hell - fighting a headache, GO!
If we're all together, wouldn't you love to just die right here?
We've got in line, but there's no end: -
We spin' round, we go 'round; we're so fucking grateful!
Blessed you are! We shall do your bidding;
Whenever seen, you're followed in line.
Ya get on my nerves, but I don't run away -
No matter what, I can't refuse you!
I don't know why, my love is cryin'...
I want to put and end to it, but I'm cryin' with emotion...
Don't wanna die, 'cause I wanna cry!
Shift my soul closer!
Don't you gimme your love 'n passion,
I don't want our souls to let go!
I wanna pursue this instinct to its furthest limits!
I don't want to live an hour without you,
Or any black future other than yours.
Dig in... give in...
I'll be happy to give it for my love!
I imagine now, if you know,
It's like a paradise in every morning!
You hold it all in there - who are you?
Lend me my life and just take me along!
Don't you gimme your love 'n passion -
The thorns of love will make us numb!
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OverLord 「オーバーロード」Ending English Subtitles

112 Folder Collection
劉岳霖 published on December 25, 2016
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