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  • [In a Moment of Vision... ]

  • It's the 1940s.

  • The world is at war, and for the first time in American history, women are joining the full-time workforce in droves.

  • An organic chemist by the name of Hazel Bishop is in the midst of designing aircraft fuel for different oil companies.

  • But her true interests lie elsewhere.

  • The influx of women in the workforce hasn't changed the superficial expectations of society,

  • and working women are expected to look well-groomed no matter their trade.

  • Bishop is sick of having to take time to powder her nose and reapply her lipstick.

  • Although the FDA has already begun regulating cosmetics, various ingredients in lipsticks can be detrimental to lip health.

  • The bromo acid stains used to maintain color in most lipsticks are terribly drying.

  • Bishop spends her spare time working with stains and dyes, mixing oils, and experimenting with molten wax.

  • In a moment of vision and after years of hard work,

  • Bishop introduces one of the first smudge-proof, long-lasting, working woman's lipsticks that doesn't just tint the lips, but also keeps them healthy and moisturized.

  • Marketed as the only kissable lipstick, Bishop's product takes off.

  • And it isn't long before rival companies are not just replicating the lipstick but creating other, more practical cosmetics.

  • Today, lip cosmetics are a billion dollar industry.

[In a Moment of Vision... ]

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【TED-Ed】How smudge-proof lipstick was invented | Moments of Vision 6 - Jessica Oreck

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