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- When you were a little kid,
was there ever something you'd wish you could do?
- For me,
- [all three] it was skateboarding.
- We might not be cool or athletic,
- but for the next month, we will skateboard every day.
(spirited hip hop)
- I drew blood.
- My leg fucking kills.
- Skateboarding!
- When I was a kid,
anyone I knew that skateboarded was a boy.
- There weren't any girls around me who skated.
So, I was like, hell no.
- I guess I'm worried about not being seen as tough enough.
- I think that it would be
a really great mind exercise
to just try and psych myself into doing things
that I'm afraid of.
- I want to be fearless on a skateboard.
- I'm doing this to fulfill a childhood dream.
- I hope I don't die.
- We're at LA Skate, about to get our boards.
Pretty excited.
- A lot to choose from.
- The type of boards you want,
if you want to learn how to ollie,
probably the best choice for you
is not to go bigger than an eight.
So, we'd go eight, seven, seven five, seven, eight, nine,
and then seven five and seven six.
- [girl] I think I'm into the black and white strips.
- [other girl] I'm gonna go with baby-daddy.
- [third girl] I'm drawn to this paisley.
- We got our boards!
- There's a lot of people skateboarding out there
that are really good,
and we're gonna be better than them.
In just four short weeks.
- We're taking our first skateboarding lesson today
at the skate park.
- Skateboarding's definitely something
that you know you're gonna fall.
So it's all about learning
how to use your pads.
- Everyone else is really good,
and we're getting driven around.
- Cory is embracing us in his arms.
- We haven't had any major falls yet.
Cory walked us through
how to do an ollie and pop our boards
which we're gonna practice after this lesson.
- No, we're not.
I'm not gonna practice that for another couple weeks.
- It was great!
It was scary but it was less scary
than I actually thought it was gonna be.
- We all feel pretty good.
Shantel's bleeding, but that's fine.
- Yeah, I'm hardcore.
- Yeah.
- Don't laugh so hard!
- It's day two skating.
In the parking lot behind Buzzfeed.
I would say that we've gotten a little bit better already.
- Jen is already ollie-ing.
- I'm just learning how to ride a skateboard.
The difficult part is riding a skateboard.
- Shantel's learning how to tic-tac right now.
- Saturday, I'm about to skate.
It'll be a pretty intense skate session today.
- When I first got here today
I definitely felt still really unstable,
but now I'm actually starting
to be able to go at cruising speeds.
- I feel a lot more comfortable popping my board up.
Every time I try to ollie, though,
I just completely fuck it up.
- I'm actually really proud of myself
for being able to improve in a couple days.
- I'm not discouraged.
Again, I just want it so badly. I want it to happen.
(energetic music)
- Today, we just gathered
as many woman skaters as we could
around the office
and we went to an old parking lot
and were just trying to skate together and have fun.
- Even if I haven't gotten astronomically better,
I feel like my confidence has completely
surpassed what I thought it could be.
- Before I was just, every second of it was scary.
But now I'm starting to have fun.
- [Cory] And forward, forward!
Stay low, stay low!
One, two, look the new way!
Yes! Stay low, stay low!
That was awesome!
- Today's our second lesson with Cory.
Our first lesson, we were in the baby pond.
So, maybe try skating something
a little bit more adventurous.
- I'm pretty inconsistent.
There's some days I'll have and just be really comfortable
and really feeling it.
And then the next day I'm falling all over the place.
- Right now, big challenges
is getting more comfortable ollie-ing.
Basically, I've wiped out a million times
in the past two weeks.
I've fallen a shit-ton.
- [Shantel] I'm looking forward to this class
to help me just really feel OK
and feel stable.
- The skate park is full
of really, really experienced guys
that know a lot about skating,
and so there is, for all of us,
a little bit of self-consciousness.
- Stick to it, persevere, skating's a cool thing.
A lot of comradery, everyone's kinda there
to pump each other up.
- [girl] Great!
- What's up! We're starting a shred posse.
- A shrosse.
- Today we are
at the skate park
with some amazing lady skaters.
So empowering, so great. Love them all.
- Hello, my name is Tara Jepsen,
and I've been skating for seven years.
I'm a 43 year old woman.
Live in Los Angeles, California.
And that's my friend Ham.
I love skateboarding because it's outdoors,
it's freedom, it's interpretation.
Everyone belongs here.
Every kind of person. Every ability level.
- [girl] How'd it go?
- [other girl] Not good!
- I've received my first sticker.
Several percent skateboarder!
- There's this tiny little slope
in this new parking lot that we found,
and it's the fastest that I've ever gone
by myself.
(energetic music)
- We did it.
- We did it!
- [all three] Yay!!
- On day one, I was terrified.
I was just so afraid of everything.
- Now, I feel super comfortable
just riding my skateboard anywhere.
I feel really comfortable turning.
I can ollie a little bit.
- It was more than just trying to master tricks.
It was more-so proving to myself
that I could do certain things
and just get over my fears.
- I feel for sure skating is something
that's going to be a part of my life.
- Honestly, I came a lot further
than I ever thought that I would.
(inspiring music)
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Women Learn To Skateboard For 30 Days • Ladylike

360 Folder Collection
Designjoey Chuang published on December 22, 2016
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