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(On the last video)
As you can tell...
I'm dying
(last coughs)
Science may be telling you differently
But I'm broke
Don't believe me?
It's true
Tell 'em Ainsley.
You broke as f*ck boy!
I am dying of hunger
That's right everyone, I am broke!
They tried to steal my money, so the bank blocked my card
Some motherf*cker in New York, tried to buy a computer for 26k, JEEESUS.
You went hard and I can respect that at least...
I haven't got access to my bank account in 2 weeks
I have to drink my own made coffee :c
I have to live off pocket change
I can't even afford buying contact lenses
I literally... fuck it I'm blind!
I'm like 9 days late on my rent on this office
You may think I'm jo..I'm reall...I'm not, I'm fucking broke I have no money
Marzia won't let me shit(
In four days the billing goes out for my Adobe CC Premiere Editing software
I won't be able to edit videos
(evil Ainsley voice) You are a broke ass motherfucker
That's right Ainsley, I am a broke ass motherfucker
(Japanese gibberish)
(awkward silence)
A patreon? What is that?
That's genius!
I could just beg for money.
Oh my God, yes!
(divine music)
My favorite website from now on
Ok, I'm gonna set up my own Patreon
It's gonna be called poopiepie is poor
Listen up! $1, you'll be able to subscribe to my channel!
you only have to pay 1 dollar
I think that's a pretty good k...bargain
For 5 dollars you get this roomscape image
I think that is a pretty good offer!
Seven bucks - if you pledge seven dollars you get Edgar
Alright just fucking take IT
You know what?!
He's free, I don't want him! Fuck him!
That's his penis
Hey get out of there!
What are you doin
I need more ideas
For patreons!
(Ainsly with a heavy German accent)
I should just look at other people's profiles and see what they do!
let's do that
Oh woooow
This Patreon
If you pay 5 bucks
*r.i.p microphone *
You get a
You know what? If you pay 500 bucks you get nudes
Listen, I know you want the nudes.
500 bucks
I will show you my nipples!
Nudes seem to be aaa
A reoccurring thing on Patreon
you'll find it a lot
With mediumly attractive women.
No disrespect
I think it's great
twice per year, I'll send you a personal video message
wishing you a happy birthday
Encouraging you with whatever you're struggling through
or whatever you want
Hey she said "whatever you want"!
Smiley face
I think we all know what that means.
I wanna pay 20 bucks just to kinda try this out
Just to see what you get back
If I had money, I would do it I swear.
You said you could do whatever I want!
Why won't you shit on camera?
da fuck is wrong with you
I want my 20 bucks back
For 500,000 dollars
I will have a private skype chat with you
Where my dick is out the whole time
and will be zoomed in on my genitals
For $1,000,000
I will have a private Skype chat with you
Where... I play Happy Wheels
Exclusive Let's play
and I will make all
the old 2014 memes that we all love
*girl screams * AAAH he is raping meh
Oh dad, son I don't care
For a 1,000,000 dollars I will
play Amnesia for 24 hours while I pretend to be scared
and start screaming
For 2,000,000 dollars I will a Virtual brofist
It looks a little bit something like *Hits mic* this
Only just a lot better!
Oh Boogie has a ..
has one
Pledge 100 dollars
will get nothing
This is more money than many on my videos will generate in a lifetime.
Key, maybe
he hasn't updated this in a while but that's just
not fucking true
Hey guys, Scarce here
looks like poodiepie calls out a HUUUGE youtuber
How bout yo... you're huge?
How about that?
Yea , I'm creating drama with you
Someone send me this Patreon
Which is an ASMR one
A 1000 dollars per month?
What is this??
Hey honey
*ASMR continues* just came out from shopping ...
Do you wanna see the new shirts I have? yes pls
I agree, don't tell Marzia
*terrified* OOOH!
You'll be so glad you did this, access granted
to my patron-only *voice crack* feed where there will be:
At this level
I will be able to make youtube my full-time job
Pretty sure it already is Grade.... Come on, I love you
What the- what are you talking about?haha
I assume both Grade and boogie just haven't updated theirs
Alright, I don't really care but it is kind of funny!
I'm serious about this bros
I am broke! I literally have no access to money
Here we go...
A patreon TODAY
Link is in the description
I think you will like what you see
Final word is inspired by this guy
Is a 16 year old student AAAAND
He says
If you donate 7000 he will go to Italy with you aaand...
it will be an amazing time where there we'll bask in the beautiful culture
And build a new laif togethar
So if you donate 47 million dollars ...
We will go together to Uruguay
We'll build a new life together
And I will quit youtube forever
Sounds good become a Patreon today
Thank you guys so much.
Love you guys so *burp* much
Link is in the descriptioN!
Leave a like, every like is
is a brofist
No no no, they cost 5 bucks!
You better pledge that shiat first!
That's a- that's a good second video to start with.
This is game ...
*record scratching*
I forgot to mention....
Patreon is a great thing
I'm not against it at all, I think it supports
Artists who are not quite being able to support themselves
Because Ad revenue fucking sucks
Aaaah, you can get a shit ton of views on youtube and
still not really make enough to fully support yourself
if fans can support you what you do full time
I think that's an awesome thing
I have no problem with that
Just wanted that to be clear
A little bit like Neko Atsume?
If you played that game
You pick it up, you play it for a while
You put it back in yout pocket
aaaand ah
You check it about lil' bit later.... you kno'?
It's a really really fun game experience, that I really REALLY enjoy and
I think it works perfect for
Oh shit I keep forgetting to click on Sponsor eagle, you can get shit from him
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887 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on December 21, 2016
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