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I've just made myself a cup of tea
and I should do some housework soon
but, it got me thinking about two words
that many students find very difficult to use.
Today, I want to talk to you about 'make' and 'do'.
So why are these words so difficult to use?
The answer is that both words have very similar meanings
and, in many languages
they use just one word
like 'hacer' in Spanish
So what is the main difference?
Well with 'make' you are creating something
that didn't exist before
Whilst with 'do' you're completing a task
that already exists
Now please remember
as with all English concepts
there are always exceptions
and I will talk about those after I've explained the most important parts.
So things that we can create from scratch:
A coffee or tea: shall I make you one?
An offer: I'd like to make you an offer.
Can I make a suggestion?
Alright, but only if you make me a promise.
Also: I think I've made a mistake.
I'd like to make a complaint!
Who's making that noise?
I've made a really important discovery.
Most things to do with business go with make
for example: profit and loss
Last month I made a loss
but this month I want to make a profit.
You can also make an investment into somebody else's business.
If you're sure that your football team is going to win
It could be an idea to make a bet on them
to try and earn some extra cash
And also, if things go really well for you
and you earn a lot of money
you will have made a fortune.
Now let's talk about 'do'.
I've already told you that 'do' is when you complete a task that already exists
For example: every night I do my homework.
Next week I have to do a test.
In science we did experiments.
I hope I don't have to do any interviews soon!
Next summer, I think I'll do a language course.
Housework chores are tasks, and that's an important one to remember
I hate doing the shopping.
I don't mind doing the dishes
but I loathe (and that means really hate)
doing the ironing.
You can also do well or badly at something
I did badly in an exam last summer, so now I have to do it again.
You can do bad or good.
Doing good is doing something positive
If you eat healthily, you do yourself good.
You also do your best, or do your worst.
If you run a race, you should do your best
to try and achieve the best possible time.
I've got my red pen out!
It's exception time and unfortunately
there are many exceptions to do with 'do' and 'make'.
I told you that most things to do with money and business
go with make
However, have you ever heard the phrase
'Pleasure doing business with you'?
Business, just the word, goes with do.
We do business with someone.
I also said that housework and chores go with do.
But when I get up in the morning I should make my bed.
I also said that make was to do with creation
So we create art, right?
Wrong! We do a drawing.
And finally, girls, hair and make-up.
I do my hair, and I also do my make-up.
Ooh! Sorry! Just doing my lipstick.
Um, that's it for 'make' or 'do'.
I really hope you learnt something
And I would really appreciate it if you subscribe
and also if you attempt the quiz that I'm showing next.
You can leave your answers in the comments
And I will try and correct them all.
Bye bye!
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1426 Folder Collection
Francis Xue published on December 20, 2016
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