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Peter Parker, what brings you into my office today?
Well, I don't really know how to explain it.
I got bit by this glowing, green spider,
and ever since then I've felt different.
Yeah? Different how?
I feel better.
Oh yeah?
[Narrator] Pete, always remember,
with great power comes great responsi...
You have radiation sickness.
I'm sorry?
I know it's hard to hear but yeah,
you were bit by a glowing, green, radioactive spider.
It's radiation sickness.
We have to get you on treatment immediately.
That can't be true.
It can be. I'm a doctor and it is.
Then how come after I got bit, I felt really lightheaded?
That's literally symptom number one of radiation sickness.
But then I passed out and I was clenching my covers really hard.
Also a symptom.
Do you think these are good things that are happening to you?
Doc, doc, listen. If I were sick,
then how come I can do this?
You just jumped a normal height,
was that supposed to be impressive?
Now that I have these gifts,
I feel like I should combat evil.
Peter, these delusions of grandeur are side effects of very serious radiation sickness.
- Delusions?! Dude, I was just swingin' on a web,
through New York City!
Oh my god! I'm doing it.
I'm webbing! Yes!
We live in Detroit, and I just saw you get out of a cab ten minutes ago.
You know what, with these abilities,
I can avenge Uncle Ben.
Uncle Ben!
What do you mean avenge Uncle Ben?
He's fine, he was in the cab with you.
Goodbye Peter. Have fun at the doctor's
knowing that I am very much alive and well.
You know what?
I think I can do this.
What are you doing?
Stop it.
Finally, I can make a difference in the world!
Peter, that's enough!
You are very ill.
We need to start an aggressive treatment plan,
and we cannot do that with you monkeying around my office like some kind of eight-legged monkey!
I knew you were gonna say that,
because of my spider sense.
That's it, I'm done.
You kids always come in here with the exact same thing.
Woah, wait, woah.
What do you mean, "You kids"?
Do you think you're the first teenage, aspiring reporter
to come into my office with a radioactive spider bite?
Hello, Doctor.
What's all this, then?
Are all the other ones British?
Unfortunately, yeah.
Well what about that guy?
Hey Doc, I've been feeling a little--
You will never have radiation sickness.
And I don't care if it is Cannon.
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Spider-Man In Real Life

12833 Folder Collection
Ricky Chang published on January 1, 2017    Sabrina Hsu translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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