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Hey guys!
So breakups are one of the many tough things that people have to go through.
And there's a lot out there on how to deal with it, or how to cope with breakups.
But there actually isn't that much on how to break up with someone.
And if you have ever had to do that before,
You know that breaking up with someone can be even harder that getting broken up with.
Especialy if you still care about that other person.
Which is why most people end up using the worst breakup tactic of all.
As many of you know, this is one of the absolute WORST ways to break up with someone.
And I know from personal experience that it's just the worst feeling ever. It's downright rude and cowardly.
Unless of course, they did something terrible to you and you don't care about them anymore.
But if that's the case, you've come to the right place. Here are a bunch of other terrible ways to breakup with people that you no longer care about.
Hey,you ready?
What ? Ready to other class?
We don't have chemistry anymore.
Why didn't you flush?
It's like a turd in a shape of the "C"
Ohhhh,that's cause you have to tilt your head to the right
Now what do you see?
Just like a "U" now.
Don't you see?
I dumped "U"
Hey,you must be popular on twitter
with all of those people following you,huh ?
I don't have a lot of people following me.
Then,how do you explain
all the people I've been seeing behind your back?
Oh,actually,could you not
stand on my right side ?
Cause I realize,that you actually not right for me
and it's time I left you.
It's that hair in the jar ?
Yeah,it's a part.
Are you watering it ?
No,we're watering it
We're growing apart.
Ah..man.I'm tired
Are you tired?
No,why ?
Well,I mean you have been ran through my mind all day.
I think it's time we took a break.
Aanndd...done !
I just put this above you real quick.
What is this? And why you pick the "E" red?
Oh,just to let you know,that
That I'm already over you.
Our relationship it's just like a broken mirror
It's better to just leave it alone
And also,if you look into it
you can see how much a crazy crackhead you are.
Why did you tell me to met you at a gym,
if we're just going to sit here?
Oh you know,just to let you know
that we're not working out.
Alright.what about this peephole?
I don't see anything
I don't think it's working
Huh... it might be right.
Maybe we should just...
see other peepholes?
What are you doing?
Obviously not you anymore.
Hey ,can I ask you a question ? Sure.
Do you like this movie ?
I get it. I know what are you gonna do
You're gonna break the dvd,
and say "We should break up"
Good one.
What? No. I was just gonna show you this
and tell you to look up.
You did this whole thing, just to break up with me ?
just to make a joke?
No,I didn't....
If our relationship meant so little to you
even you can make a joke out of all of this,
Then I have nothing to be sad about,
because it was never real to begin with.
Gee, Look...
Honestly,I... I didn't want to break up with you earlier
I didn't know how to do it.
So...I made up all of this stupid break up jokes.
And then I realize
Breaking up isn't tough at all.
Breaking up is easy.
Most relationships end because people just give up on them
And ,I know now
That...I'm not ready to give up on this.
Not just yet.
Neither am I.
Now I'm ready.
(phone buzzing)
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12 Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone!

13203 Folder Collection
Mandy Lin published on December 19, 2016    Mandy Lin translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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