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  • (soft music)

  • (beeping)

  • (soft music)

  • (exhales)

  • (soft elevator music)

  • - God, I wish my clothes fit like that,

  • her curves look like a dollar sign came to life, man.

  • Oh God, my spanx are writhing up.

  • - How is her hair such goals?

  • She's actually Rapunzel.

  • - Those pumps are fire, I wish I could walk

  • in heels like her, she came in here

  • looking like Naomi Campbell walk, Naomi Campbell walk,

  • my ankles would snap.

  • - Oh come on, man, her eyebrows are the literal

  • definition of fleek, and I bet those are

  • her real lashes too.

  • Oh, her eyeballs are so protected.

  • (exhales)

  • - Oh this sucks, I'm in an elevator with two Malibu Barbies.

  • (bell dinging)

  • - Are you guys going down?

  • - [All] Down, yeah, yeah.

  • - Ah, sorry, I'm going up.

  • - I mean he was cute but, those donuts though.

  • - I know, for a glazed doughnut, we can take

  • a little ride up for a second.

  • - I mean, leave the glazed doughnuts with us,

  • you can take the stairs.

  • (laughing)

  • - BT dubs girl, this outfit is everything.

  • - Oh thanks!

  • And your lashes, I mean they're popping, for real.

  • - Oh thanks.

  • - I mean, that's true and all,

  • but I'm still thinking about those doughnuts.

  • - Oh my God, priorities on fleek.

  • (laughing)

  • - Let's go find those doughnuts.

  • - Why didn't we just start talking when we got

  • into the elevator?

  • We could have been best friends like five minutes ago.

  • Speaking of which, girl, imma have to borrow those shoes,

  • and an ankle brace.

(soft music)

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