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>> Hello.
>> Wooh.
>> Wooh.
>> [LAUGH] >> [LAUGH]
>> Does everyone do that to you that?
>> Yeah, I didn't even know I was doing it,
so- >> But
you must have known at that time that came out of you?
>> I didn't.
>> Really? >> I knew that I said wooh, I knew that but
I didn't know I did the little shimmy to go along with it.
>> [LAUGH] >> And then afterwards, I saw it, and
now people are always saying to me, well- >> [LAUGH]
>> Do the shimmy, do the shimmy!
>> [LAUGH] >> Portia-
>> You had some great dancing
going on out here.
>> Yeah, we do, we have some good dancers.
>> Good dancing.
>> Because sometimes,
you just don't even have a response to that, right?
I mean, Portia and I were watching it at home and when you did that, wooh and
the shimmy, we were like, my God, that was fantastic.
>> [LAUGH] >> It was the best response.
I just said you looked so good, you were supposed to be here a few weeks ago.
>> I was.
>> And you cancelled because you had pneumonia.
>> I did.
>> You feel good now?
>> I feel great.
>> Yeah, you look great, you look healthy.
>> My advice is if you have pneumonia,
stop for a while.
>> Yeah. >> That's my advice.
>> Yeah, you pushed through it, didn't you?
>> Yeah, I did. I did. I tried to.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Because on the one hand,
Donald Trump said that you don't have the stamina to be president and then the one
thing that he complimented you on, is you never give up and you're a fighter.
So which is it? >> [LAUGH]
>> Hm.
Well, I kind of think that was the only thing he said that I agreed with.
>> [LAUGH] >> That you're a fighter.
>> Yeah, and that I don't quit.
>> Yeah. >> And you just,
if you believe in what you're doing and you think you can make a difference.
You get up everyday, do your best.
>> Yeah, you stayed so calm.
Let's talk about the debate,
cuz this is the first interview you've done since the debate.
>> Yes.
>> And what did you make of that?
>> Well, I had several reactions.
First, it was clear that my opponent,
Donald Trump was going to try to dominate the space almost
to the exclusion of the people who were sitting there.
I mean, they were sitting there so that we could talk to them and that they could ask
questions, we would then answer, and because of the revelation of the public
video and everything that came out on Access Hollywood.
He was really all wrought up and you can just sense how
much anger he had and so he was really trying to dominate and then literally
stalk me around the stage, and I would just feel this presence behind me.
>> And I thought whoa,
this is really weird.
>> Yeah. >> And so,
I was just trying to stay focused, trying to keep my composure,
trying to interact with the moderators.
But really, for me, more with the people there and
deal with the string of accusations that he was putting forth.
And it's frustrating, I mean look, I feel such a sense of
obligation to people that I work at trying to make sure what I'm saying
is appropriate, is accurate, conveying that to people.
Everybody makes mistakes, don't get me wrong.
I obviously have made more than my share.
But to run against somebody and debate somebody who is consistently just
spewing forth falsehoods, and when you catch him, when you say, wait a minute,
you said this, you actually were on the record on this- no I wasn't, no I wasn't.
And just hopes I guess that people will forget it, so you could
spend all of your time and I had to think hard about this before the first debate.
I literally could've spent all my time and say, no,
you told interviewer X and you said on Y but I thought, no
I'm gonna tell people to my website hillaryclinton.com,
look at the evidence we have.
And I'm gonna keep trying to talk about what this election should be about.
Which is people's lives and
our country and what we're gonna do to help each other.
>> It's debating like a teenager.
>> It's hard, it is hard.
>> It really is, it's like debating a teenager because it just is whatever he
just says things, and it's just like and then interrupts, makes me smarter.
>> [LAUGH] >> What's wrong with you?
I think as we sit here today, it seems that
Donald Trump's campaign is crumbling with these new, this morning, there were
allegations of sexual assault from a few more women, which he is denying.
But it does seem like with the Republicans,
the party is just kind of everyone's backing away.
And it does seem like it's crumbling.
>> Well obviously, there's a lot that is coming out which is
distressing on many levels but I don't want anybody to
think this election's over because it's been so unpredictable up til now that-
>> Mm-hm.
>> That I'm not taking anything for granted.
We've got to work really hard for the next three and half weeks.
Because who knows, who knows what can happen.
And so everybody who's watching, and
everybody who has followed this election, please, turn out and vote.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> It is the most important election that
we have ever had, I think.
>> Yeah, ever. >> It's very important.
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Hillary Clinton Gets Candid About Debate Drama

363 Folder Collection
Javen published on December 11, 2016
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