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Hi. My name is Lukas.
I am a teacher.
Hi. I am Lukas. I am teacher as well.
And this is...
We are in a ski resort...
...in a cable way.
The weather conditions are perfect.
The sun is shining...
...but I need moustache.
Now we are ready. Perfect!
This is a ski slope.
This... is a cable way.
This is powder snow.
The ski slope is very steep.
Lukas, be careful!
Lukas, stop!
Don't go on the edge of the ski slope!
Yes, I know. It's dangerous.
Hey, Lukas! Don't overtake the queue!
I hate the queues.
So do I.
Be careful you don't have a scar like I do!
We show you the ski wear and the ski kit.
What is it?
This is a helmet.
Ok. And what about this?
These are goggles.
And this?
This is a ski jacket.
Ski jacket.
And what about this?
And these are mini skis.
Mini skis.
The ski is scratched.
And what about this?
This is scarf.
And this?
These are ski gloves.
Ski gloves.
This is a ski boot.
They are throwing snowballs.
This is montain rescue.
And I shake hand with the montain rescue.
Have a nice time.
We are making curves...
...to the right...
...and to the left.
And one more to the right.
Lukas is skiing.
It is snowing.
Ski jump.
This is a ski instructor.
Let's make HIGH-FIVE with the ski instructor.
Lukas! Attach your helmet!
Quickly! Your ski pass!
We are getting on the ski lift.
Powder snow.
Coffee break.
We ordered two coffees.
It's my turn now.
Where is my ski?
I've lost my ski.
Always pay attention not to lose your ski.
Ah, the police is having my skis.
Thank you so much!
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Downhill skiing-english vocabulary

190 Folder Collection
alex published on December 11, 2016
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