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  • (cross-talk)

  • The President: Hey guys.

  • How are you?

  • Sorry we're running a little late --

  • Mr. Colbert: Mr. President, Stephen Colbert.

  • The President: Good to see you, Stephen, how are you?

  • Nice to see you again.

  • Mr. Colbert: Thanks so much for doing this with us.

  • The President: Now, the only thing I regret is, I'm not going to get to see

  • you bald, man.

  • (laughter)

  • Mr. Colbert: You'll see it Monday night.

  • The minute you go off the air, Odierno's gonna shear my head.

  • It's the last thing in the show.

  • So we're gonna take it from right before you come in.

  • >> Stephen, cut your hair off.

  • Mr. Colbert: With all due respect, sir, you're not the best

  • advertisement for haircuts.

  • And frankly, it's going to take more than a four-star General to

  • get me to shave my head.

  • The President: Excuse me, General?

  • >> Mr. President, welcome, sir.

  • The President: Thank you, General.

  • First, I want to send my greetings to the men and women

  • of our Armed Forces in Iraq and I and all Americans thank you

  • for your service.

  • >> (whispering) Wow, this is amazing!

  • Mr. Colbert: You're welcome, Mr. President!

  • The President: I wasn't talking to you.

  • Now second, General, I overheard your conversation about

  • Stephen's hair --

  • Mr. Colbert: Wait, you overheard?

  • Are your satellites really that good?

  • The President: No, but my ears are really that big.

  • Now, as a man who understands the appeal of a close crop,

  • I say if Stephen Colbert wants to play soldier,

  • it's time to cut that man's hair.

  • Mr. Colbert: Wait a second --

  • >> Sir, I'd like to request a confirmation.

  • The President: General, as Commander-in-Chief, I hereby order you to shave

  • that man's head.

  • >> Yes, sir.

  • Mr. Colbert: Hey!

  • The President: Thank you, General.

  • And once again, my thanks to everybody there.

  • Mr. Colbert: That's it.

  • The President: All right.

  • Mr. Colbert: Thank you, sir.

  • (appalause)

  • The President: Thank you, thank you.

  • I would like to thank my family --

  • (laughter)

  • Mr. Colbert: Look for this come Emmy time.

  • (laughter)

  • You're a contender at this point.

  • The President: It's big, it's big.

  • (cross-talk)


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President Obama with Stephen Colbert

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    Chen Yiqieyong posted on 2013/06/07
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