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When March first arrived at his animal shelter, he was a ‘happy boy’ who liked jumping
around with the staff, wagging his tail and having fun.
But lately things have changed a bit. Volunteers have noticed he isn’t as cheerful as he
used to be, and spends his time mostly staring at the wall.
It all started when he thought he’d found a new family he was going to go and live with.
Everything was arranged, according to reports. Then, for some reason, it fell through.
Pitbull mix March had already left the dogs’ home and was excited for what might happen
next. But he soon found himself back in a bare room
like the one he’d been in before, no friendly family around to take him for walks and no
comfy new bed to settle into.
He started to give up hope when he arrived back at the shelter in Philadelphia, a scary
place with lots of loud barking and unfamiliar smells.
After he came back, hardly anyone showed interest in him and he started to become depressed
and ill, local TV channel Fox 29 reported.
As people wanted to adopt a friendly, happy dog, things seemed even more miserable for
March because he had lost his spark from the disappointment.
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Saddest dog just stares at the wall after his adoption fell through

4977 Folder Collection
Sh, Gang (Aaron) published on December 4, 2016    Sh, Gang (Aaron) translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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