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Hey, Wash, wait up!
Listen, I heard you had a meeting with internals.
Oh. You did?
Yeah, do you mind if I ask what it was about?
Mm. Not really supposed to talk about that.
Help me out here. I'm still getting heat about using equipment in the field.
You did! Really? Without a pipeline back to the Command server?
I had to improvise. We had a problem.
Let me guess. Are you related to the problem?
Okay, now I don't want to talk about.
Equipment in the field...
You know, don't forget what happened to Utah during training. You're lucky it didn't kill you.
If I was lucky, I wouldn't have needed to use it at all.
Well, you can relax. Internals didn't ask about. It was something else.
Lots of questions about the Insurrection and transmissions coming out of our...uh-
Sorry, Sir!
Hey, what's going on?
Soldier, where is everybody running?
New agent. He's squaring off against Maine, Wyoming and York on the training room floor.
We're going to watch!
Hey guys, wait up!
Three on one?
I gotta see this.
Yeah, right behind ya.
Three. Two. One.
Round begin.
What's going on down there?
There's no training sessions on the schedule.
Its impromptu.
Who the hell is that?
Some new recruit.
Wow. He sure doesn't move like he's a recruit.
Why do you assume its a guy? She's a girl.
Oh. I-I didn't really mean that he...I mean it...uh-uh...I mean her...I...
Just shut up.
Both of you, can it!
Sounds like someone might be a little concerned about their position.
Hey, South! Pay attention. You might actually learn something if you stop running your mouth for a minute.
Round 1, over. Pugil sticks training, complete. Point awarded to Texas.
The current score is Team 1 zero...
Texas, huh?
I thought that name was reserved.
Nice moves.
Could be luck.
We'll see.
Beginning hand to hand combat.
Round two in five...
Round begin.
Okay, guys. This one should be easy. So, let's just play it by the book. Maine, how 'bout you flank left, and then...
Or you could just charge in and get immobilized first.
Okay, Wyoming. Let's stick together and...
What's the story? Am I the only one on this team that knows how to talk?
I don't think talkin's your problem.
Oh, no!
Wow! Okay, that was pretty impressive.
Okay, guys. That obviously didn't work so well.
How about this time we stay in formation and instead of...
Damn it...
Can't believe I actually volunteered for this crap.
Round over. Point Texas. Hand to hand combat complete.
Now resetting the floor for lock down paint scenario.
Ah! I hate that paint.
Tell me about it. Stings like a bitch.
Turns your armor hard as a rock.
I wouldn't know.
Its not bad if you don't let it hit you.
Thanks. I'll try to remember that.
Round three in five...
Round begin.
Maine. Maine! Look, I'm gonna move left. You go...
Or you just run out, do whatever you want and then get killed. Ready? Break. Good job, everybody.
Oh, man, it's gonna be a long day...
Point Texas.
Psst...Hey, Wyoming...Hey, where is he; can you see 'em? know what? Nevermind, man. I think I figured it out.
Point Texas.
Another point for Texas.
After eight rounds, the score is zero eight, advantage Texas.
Yeah, advantage is the right word, FILSS.
Round nine beings in five...
Hey. The hell you guys doin'?
Round nine begin.
What? Are they using live rounds on the training floor?
Looks like it.
That's against protocol! They're going to kill her!
Someone should get the Director.
The Director? Who do you think gave them the ammo?
Watch your mouth, CT!
Look out!
Hey. I'm tryin' to help.
I don't need your help!
Never abandon your team!
Shit! Damn it! Those maniacs!
FILSS, we need a medical team to the training floor, STAT!
Medical team, en route. Please remain calm.
York? York!
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Red vs Blue Season 9 Episode 10

112 Folder Collection
Mine Shi Lee published on December 2, 2016
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