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A good nap position is like...
I'm a huge nap lover.
I love taking naps, everyone does.
I don't nap ever because I end up sleeping for at least 5 hours.
I have to be in the perfect position in order for me to fall asleep.
It's not hard to fall asleep, falling in a couch I'll be dead.
I can't nap like this. If I'm in a car, like this.
I also can't nap if it's too claustrophobic and I feel like I can't breathe.
It's like a bean bag.
Wow, it looks like a submarine helmet.
Off the bed this is gigantic.
This thing looks ridiculous.
It's like I'm about to rob a bank.
Where do you put your face?
How do I do it? Like this?
I'm assuming this side is the front so you can poke out.
I think, yeah, I mean...hold up, is that, you put your hands here?
It already sucks for people with the glasses. I think I have to keep taking on and off...
How do I look?
I don't...like it.
I don't like having my head so warm.
Who sleeps like this? This is like.....hahaha
But, it is making me fall asleep already cause I feel vey soothed.
It is comfortable, yeah.
I could f**k with this. This is nice.
People wear like eye masks when they sleep, this covers your eyes...So it's like dark.
But then when you let your head down you bump your nose.
Nope, nope, it doesn't feel good.
It looks like I have a turkey on my head.
It's like a bean bag chair for your head.
Yeah, I know, if I saw someone walking around with this, I would think they're weird.
It feels like I'm getting arrested.
Oh my god, 80 bucks is...like a squid. No.
This is kinda ok. I feel like I'm kissing the table everytime I go down.
I don't think I will ever buy this. It looks funny.
I'd rather sleep like this.
I feel like I'm always being half-assing my naps and this helps me full-ass my naps. It really just take it up to the next level.
Who created this? Who thought this could be a good idea?
In the words of Taylor Swift, "The haters are gonna hate, hate, hate."
You know, if you feel good in this, who cares what other people are thinking of your say.
Would you wear this to the airport?
F**k no.
Like that?
This is definitely more lightweight, you can definitely stick this in your backpack if you're traveling.
I don't understand how you would use it.
I don't think this...I think I'm gonna break this.
I don't think it's for your head.
It looks like it will be fun for the first 5 seconds and then my arms are gonna numb.
This one is not as comfortable.
That's nice.
Oh yeah, this is great. Ok, this is how I sleep on the plane.
This one just feels like it's cheap version...I'm gonna nap, I'm gonna balls the wall, I'm not gonna half-ass this shit.
I just don't see involving my hands while sleeping cause I used to keep my hands next to me.
This is more suited for the kind of position I have when I sleep.
The material is so soft, it feels like you're already in another dimension.
It doesn't feel as comfortable as the other one.
I like this one so much more.
It just so bright now still...
If someone comes in and kidnaps me, I will know. I just won't like be able to take it off fast enough to react.
But this, like, you just open your eyes.
Definitely like this one more.
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People Try The Ultimate Napping Pillow

15649 Folder Collection
Sabrina Hsu published on December 11, 2016    Sabrina Hsu translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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