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- Oooh, I've been waiting to make this one.
Over the years, you've probably heard
a lot of rumors about McDonalds,
specifically about their food.
And let's be honest, most rumors aren't very flattering.
And some of these rumors have been
going on for literally a decade,
most of which I guarantee you've heard about.
But, the thing is, those rumors,
you know, the ones you were told
about from a friend of a guy who knows
somebody that read it on Reddit,
are actually misinformation, they're myths.
Now, before I continue, I know
there are some of you that are thinking,
oh god, here we go, Matt is becoming a coporate sell-out.
This video's clearly sponsored by McDonalds.
And hey, well, actually, it is, but with a twist.
See, I told McDonald's I would only work with them
if I could do a video that tackles
the hardest questions and worst rumors
about McDonald's that have been floating around out there.
And believe it or not, they said go for it.
So today, we are going to find out
just how true the nastiest myths
that you have ever heard about McDonald's are.
So, without further adieu, here are
five McDonald's myths you probably still believe.
Number one is pink goop in the McNuggets.
Okay, everybody has seen this picture and it's probably
one of the most frequent rumors that you've heard.
The rumor's that Chicken McNuggets
are made with this mysterious pink slime, but guess what?
That is completely false.
When it comes to McDonald's, their Chicken McNuggets
are made with chicken breast, no pink goop.
But it's not just that, in fact,
they don't even contain artificial flavors or colors
and McDonald's recently changed the recipe so that McNuggets
contain no artificial preservatives either.
So, what you're ordering is literally (drum roll) chicken.
It's just chicken breast.
It's time to let this myth die, it's simply not true.
Number two is their supplier is called 100% Beef.
Here's another one that you've likely heard.
The rumor is that McDonald's beef isn't all beef,
but they can say it's 100% beef
because the company that they buy from is called 100% Beef.
That's a clever conspiracy theory,
but it's not true and never has been.
The origin of this myth comes from the early 2000's
when distrust of large corporations was at an all-time high
when people associated large corporations
with constantly trying to cut costs.
The truth is McDonald's uses 100% beef
in its hamburger patties with no other ingredients
except salt and pepper, which are added after cooking,
but it's actually more interesting than that.
They specifically use only beef
sourced right here in Canada for their hamburger patties.
Here in Canada, they get their beef
from a company called Cargill, which gets 100% of the beef
from cows raised by Canadian farmers.
But Matt, what part of the cow do they use?
Let me tell you.
They use the chuck, round, shoulder,
brisket, loin, and rib for their hamburgers.
Sourcing locally in Canada directly
supports the Canadian job market.
In fact, 65 million pounds of beef
was sourced from Canadian farmers just last year.
That's a lot of work.
Number three is Big Macs can't age
because of all the preservatives.
A rumor that sprung out of nowhere
that many of you have heard is that
McDonald's burgers can't get old or rot under any condition
because of the amount of chemicals and preservatives
in their food, essentially making their food immortal.
But, yeah, it's not.
The origin of this rumor is people who have posted
fake pictures online as misinformation
for views and shares on social media
and in an age where this is pretty popular,
it doesn't surprise me that it caught on.
The truth is McDonald's burgers
are no different than any other food.
If a burger is left out in the open, it will simply dry up.
That's just science and it goes for any burger.
So think critically about what you see online.
Often, it's just for shock value.
Number four is pig fat in used in the soft serve.
This myth says that McDonald's soft serve
isn't made with milk but instead pig and animal fat.
This rumor began because McDonald's doesn't use
the term ice cream but instead they say soft serve.
So I did some digging and I found what's going to shock you.
McDonald's soft serve is made with real milk
and cream from Canadian dairy farmers.
Yeah, surprised me too.
See, they use the term ice milk
because the vanilla soft serve
is a bit different than ice cream.
It's considered ice milk because
it has three to five percent butter fat content,
making it a lighter and airier dairy treat than ice cream.
And they use that same vanilla soft serve
to make their sundaes, cones, and McFlurry desserts.
Sorry, conspiracy theorists,
but you gotta get your pig fat somewhere else.
And number five is McMuffins are frozen egg disks.
If you've ever had an Egg McMuffin for breakfast,
you've probably noticed how perfectly round
the egg is in the middle, hence the origin of this rumor,
which is that McDonald's uses frozen egg disks
in their Egg McMuffins.
But guess what? It's a myth.
In fact, every single Egg McMuffin
is made with a freshly cracked Canada Grade A large egg.
The egg is circular because that's the shape
of the container that it's cooked in.
And they do that so that it fits properly
on the sandwich and doesn't get all over you.
If you've ever made an egg at home and broke the yolk,
you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Last year, of the almost one billion dollars
McDonald's Canada spent on food,
more than 85% was purchased from suppliers in Canada.
Here in Canada, fresh Canadian eggs from Canadian farmers.
Canadian potatoes grown on Canadian farms.
It's pretty clear they like to support
the countries that they operate in.
So those were five McDonald's myths
you've heard that you, well, now know are myths.
I really want to thank you guys for
submitting these rumors to me via Twitter.
You helped me out a lot in creating this video.
And most importantly, I want to thank McDonald's
for letting me tackle these myths
and even allowing me to mention them.
I have to be honest with you guys,
I've worked with a lot of companies
and 99% of them want influencers
to talk very plain and vanilla
about their brand with their legal teams saying,
you can't mention that and you can't mention this.
But, McDonald's allowed me to ask the hard questions
and I think that says a lot about their brand
and how transparent that they are.
I really hope that you like this video
that I did with McDonald's and
I also hope that you're willing
to hang out a bit longer with me.
In the description of this video,
there's a survey that I would love for you guys to fill out
because I want to know what you think
about a variety of things.
The results of the survey will be shared
with the people at McDonald's
plus I'll get to find out more about what you like.
And that's all for this time guys.
Thank you so much for watching.
Don't forget to enable notifications on my channel
so that you can catch my next video.
And I will see you next time, thanks guys, peace.
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5 McDonald's Myths You Probably Still Believe!

382 Folder Collection
ktyvr258 published on November 28, 2016
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