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Hey guys whats going on, Welcome to legendary lets plays top ten Halo 3 maps my name is
Uncle T and as always I'm joined by Joey Guys today were going to give you our top ten.
So if you disagree with them please let us know in the comments not in the like bar.
You couldn't be more right Uncle T. I'm excited lets get in to this! OK there Joey don't get
your panties in a bunch. Number 10 Heretic. This map is the first remake on our list,
but certainly not the last. No defenitly not. It was introduced as part of the Mythic Map
Pack in Halo 3 and it was a remake of Halo twos Midship. I love that level and I love
this level. Its a great fun map start off right across from the other team throwing
grenades taking a bunch of shots. Sticky grenades. Yea stickies maybe get a quick stick great
couple kills. I love this map. Number 9 Orbital Coming in at number 9 on our list we have
another map from the Mythic Map Pack that was released in 2009. Orbital. This was a
great map. I love this one. Close quarters long corridors you could take on multiple
guys at once depending on skilled you are at Halo 3. You had the two levles you had
the stair battles you had that awesome rocket battle from top to bottom. Yea I liked this
one a lot it was asymmetrical good for capture the flag and other objective games. Number
8 Valhalla. By far the biggest level on our list. We really enjoy the smaller maps with
close quarters combat but with the legacy this map holds in Halo history there was no
way we couldn't put it on our list. It originally was Blood Gulch in Halo 1 and even in Halo
4 they remade it as Ragnarok but it is the most beautiful level i think in all the Halo
series. Its a great looking level and you have every type of combat that you want. You
can get in the sky and fly around, you have your vehicles you can ride in on. Yup you
have the Banshee and the Ghost. If you don't feel like doing that you can pop a lift right
to the middle and you're head to head with your opponent. Yea I love that you have bases
on either side you can get right to it from with the gravlift. Great level. Number 7 Narrows.
Narrows in a fully symmetrical map that is exactly as the name says, incredibly narrow.
There is one bridge long bridge that is connecting two bases two opposing enemy bases. The only
other way across is the man cannons other than that most of the combat goes down on
that bridge. and it is intense combat. Absolutely, you're running up and down ramps between the
top and bottom levels on the bridge just trying to make your way to the enemy. There's a great
fight for rockets right in the middle. Right off the bat someones running for those rockets
and there's always a lot of shots fired. And that added element of the man cannon can get
you to the opposing players base really quickly makes for really really fun combat. Number
6 High Ground. Much like narrows this map the name says it all. High Ground is perfect
for one sided objective games such as one bomb or one flag when you're inside of that
fort and you have the High Ground and trying to stop the opposing team from taking your
flag there's no better feeling in playing that kind of game type. This map is one of
the best original maps in Halo 3. I love this map. I absolutely agree its definitely one
of the best original maps. I love fighting up from the low ground. I love taking that
left route grabbing the shotgun grabbing the lift that you throw down at the laser tower
and trying to fight my way in. That was the most fun for me. See that's whats so beautiful
about this map you like coming from the bottom i like going from the High Ground defending
that's what makes this map so awesome. Number 5 Construct. The fact that this map is only
number 5 on our list speaks volumes about Halo 3 maps and Halo 3 in general. For any
other game including other Halo games it would be top 3 easy. Its so fun and so unique from
the outside it looks like a normal Halo map but when you get to the inside and actually
play it you realize how well its set up. Its three distinct levels that are accessible
by either a long ramp around the outside of the level or 3 gravlifts. Also it features
I think the only level in Halo 3 that really features it on multiplayer the flamethrower.
Which is the worst gun in my opinion ever put into a Halo game. But it was pretty fun
to pick up once and awhile take a lift up and hopefully catch the team by surprise.
You never know it was worth a shot. It was also great because the three levels were open
so you could still see enemies top to bottom put some shots on them maybe take them down.
Number 4 Blackout. We have another remake on our list. Blackout. Its a great remake
at that. It was originally in Halo 2 Lockout. Which was an awesome level. For Halo 3 they
made it even more awesomer. So much more awesomer. They had a unique spin to it. It was released
with the Legendary Map Pack in 2008 and i remember when it was announced i was so psyched.
I was so excited. The sword on this level is a little bit o.p. but if you're a skilled
player, just like on Construct there is no where you can hide on this level. Its very
close range tight knit map so the sword is powerful but there's so many angles you can
take players down from and that's what makes this level so much fun,. Number 3 Last Resort.
Last Resort is the last, no pun intended, remake on our list. Hehe. its nearly identical
to its original Zanzibar from Halo 2. Really good pun, really good pun. You know i really
really think Zanzibar was my favorite Halo 2 map. Was it? Well, alright, either that
or Ivory Tower. But Ill tell you this when i saw it when i was younger and i saw it come
to Halo 3 i was so excited my heart was racing. Seeing that modern day windmill. Absolutely
brought back all those good memories from Zanzibar. Yea there's no real rhyme or reason
for this level of what makes it so perfect for Halo but its just a perfect Halo map Its
not symmetrical nothing crazy it just happens it just works. For whatever reason it just
works as one of the best Halo 3 and Halo 2 maps of all time. Number 2 The Pit. Ahh yes
The Pit. Such a great level. It really is and its symmetrical we don't really like symmetrical
maps that much. uh uhh dont like them. Sure like those asymmetric. So it should say something
about this map. Just sort of like Zanzibar having no rhyme or reason what it was so perfect
this map being symmetrical it being so much fun has no rhyme or reason. It was just so
fun and it was so popular for a map that it was even in Halo 4 as Pitfall. and it was
really cool to go to Halo 4 and just see one of your favorite maps remade from Halo 3 just
with better graphics and better shading. Redone and not the same training facility that it
was in Halo 3. Right they made it into its own unique thing. it really is a timeless
map and they did a good job with it in Halo 4. The Pit coming in at number 2. Only have
one map left on our list. Can't wait for it. Number 1 Guardian. Here it is ladies and gentlemen
the number one map Guardian. This map is the best map in my opinion in any FPS game ever
made. I think that's a little bold but definitely in the Halos though. The fact that they never
re made thins in Halo 4 or haven't remade it since blows my mind. Maybe one day they
will and i really hope they do because playing this just brings back so many good memories.
It really does I would even be getting destroyed on this sometimes, very rarely, but its still
great. You have tight corridors you have lifts all over the place you have a big ring in
the middle for battle. It was awesome. It was all intertwining with the trees it was
a beautiful level too on top of it being fun. They say it was a medium sized map but it
felt small. But maybe size wise it was medium because there's so many corridors and so many
rooms ramps and all those things. Sure I can see that. Guardian was the number one map.
Easily. Hands down for Halo 3. Alright guys so that was our top 10 list. If you disagree
like i said earlier please let us know in the comments not in the like bar. but we really
hope you enjoyed the list guys actually you know what we would like we to hear your opinion
weather you disagreed or not let us know. Absolutely, throw your list on there we would
love to see it. We appreciate you guys watching and we hope you enjoyed. Look forward to hearing
from you.
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Top 10 Halo 3 Maps

103 Folder Collection
Mine Shi Lee published on November 25, 2016
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