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Health concerns while traveling through Western Europe are about the same as traveling back home.
While I take extra precautions when traveling beyond Europe, in Europe I drink
the water and eat everything in sight. If you do get sick, get help right away.
Over here, a good first stop for medical advice is the neighborhood pharmacy. Also, hotels
can refer you to a nearby clinic or call a doctor who makes "house calls"—for far less
money than you might expect. Then, prescription in hand, you can head for
the 24-hour pharmacy. Europe generally has whatever medicine you need. In case you need
a refill, bring your prescription from home with the generic name typed or printed legibly.
My health tips are all about wellness. Being on vacation can be exhausting. Get plenty
of sleep, eat healthy, drink lots of water, and pace yourself. Know your limits.
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European Travel Skills: Staying Healthy

5904 Folder Collection
Chun-Jen Chen published on June 5, 2013
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