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-Eddie, when you and I... we go back a very very long way. -Yeah, such a long way.
We both attended the Jackie Palmer Stage School in High Wycombe, in Buckinghamshire.
What do you remember of this time?
I now hear you say it with such pride, it gives me goosebumps.
So this Jackie Palmer Stage School was this amazing place, and I remember going...
I would go and there would be these concerts and theatre pieces,
and I didn't really have any friends...
and I would go, and I would sing, 'cause I was obsessed with singing then,
and I would like be the guy that sang like "Memory" from Cats.
And James used to be rapping and doing street dance.
And I was like... no but it was genuinely, I was a bit scared of him.
-Was he a bully? -A little bit. -I was older than you! I was four years above, so...
- Are you one of the cool kids? - Yeah.
- I was the cool kid. - You were the cool kid. You were like the leader of the pack?
I wasn't the leader. There were a lot more other leaders.
There was a guy called James Wilson, and Thomas, and they were very much the coolest.
And they were in my year. But yeah, you singing "Memory", I remember that. I remember that, it was amazing.
-Sing it now. Sing it! -I knew coming on this show is a bad idea.
- If only we had a clip of you singing that. - No no no no no no...
- Oh, it's beautiful! It's beautiful! - So sweet, Eddie!
- And you know, I think they might be making a film of that.
Well, there you go! It was beautiful. I could remember everyone in the wings that day
going "That guy is gonna win an Oscar."
- Not even that guy... this guy. Because there was an agency, there was a stage call, where we had an agency, -It was awful.
where you would go up for auditions, and here's Eddie's headshot.
- I was Edward, by the way. - Edward. Edward Redmayne.
- There you are there. There you are there, looking beautiful. I'll bring myself in. There's mine. -Nice.
It's... cheeky chubby.
I love your special skills.
What I love here, which I never knew was in there, sings, dances,
runs pop group "Insatiable", which was my band at school.
- But I also love that you ran it. - Yeah, I love it very much.
Well, you're not getting away with it, Chastain.
Look at this little cheeky one. Look at her! Look!
Are you sure that's not Eddie?
It could be! But, the truth is, that could be Eddie in the Danish Girl. It actually could be!
Walk us through this photo. Were you auditioning for Annie at the time, or?
I thought that was the cool way to dress.
No, I wanted a perm, it's, you know, just thought a perm would be cool, and it gave me the biggest red fro!
I had it four years, I had missed my teeth, I had red cowboy boots I rocked through high school.
Not high school, this is not my high school.
Yeah this is... this is... how old are you there?
- Uh, probably eight? I don't know. I think you got that form my mother, so she would know. - It's beautiful.
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Eddie Redmayne Has Always Had Golden Pipes

35844 Folder Collection
Tim published on November 28, 2016    Tim translated    reviewed
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