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Before UberEATS, frankly we didn't do delivery.
Now that we're delivering with UberEATS, our business has grown so much.
And it's just like found business.
To put it bluntly, they do real numbers.
With just UberEATS, we're providing about 100 deliveries a day.
Because of that, we have to create more storage space.
Yeah, so we took out the seats and we put these refrigerators in.
The first day that UberEATS went live in this market, the tablet was ringing and buzzing.
When you're operating a restaurant, the most common thing you see on the menu, delivery radius with like two, two and a half miles, right?
So with Uber they're like yeah, West LA, downtown LA.
I'm like, holy crap, that's a lot of people.
People will see you that have never heard about you on the UberEATS platform.
Might see something in a photo, or might see something on the menu that grabs your eye and they try it.
And if they like it, you now have a customer for life.
I couldn't ask for a more trustworthy partner.
They got the logistics game on lock because we all use Ubers' to get everywhere in the world now.
You look at the app, you look, scroll through some nice pictures, you place your order and all through from the bank.
I think all the way through the process until the food is delivered is a lot of transparency around it, which I think consumers like.
When I first did this all I cared about was that UberEATS understood logistics.
But it's clear as the relationship has progressed that UberEATS cares about restaurants.
They allow me to be artistic, and in a way that can further the bottom line.
It's very obvious that the team at Uber cares just as much about how food is arriving to the guest as we do.
They provide you with a lot of feedback, and a lot of autonomy to make change.
If you were a restaurant, and you were thinking about getting on UberEATS, I would tell you [BLEEP] yes.
Just smart.
I say, go for it and watch what happens.
Watch your business grow.
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UberEATS | The Restaurant Partner Experience

8030 Folder Collection
lin.12345678 published on May 22, 2017
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