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I'm not pleased your boyfriend is meeting us for the first time to disrupt this delicate house of cards that is our friendship.
I'm 80% happy for you and the other 20% is the pressed jealousy because I'm so alone.
Oh, I'm so nervous for my boyfriend to meet you two disasters.
Oh, there's something I read on the internet that I don't quite have all details for.
But, if true, I find outrageous!
Oh, going to meet my boyfriend outside so he's less intimidated.
I am so disappointed that you're late.
Oh, making up excuses about parking and traffic that aren't true at all.
Ok, 15 seconds of summaries about my friends, and their backgrounds, and words of encouragement
because I need to believe them myself...
Ohh aggressive intimacy!
If you impress me I'll be your biggest asset in this relationship.
Uh, we have nothing to talk about...
Internally comparing you to all her ex-boyfriends.
Ah, uh, politely asking what you're doing for work, but I'm really checking to see if you're a deadbeat or not.
Oversimplifying my job to the point of inaccuracy, just so you understand.
I know people like to talk about themselves.
Yea, uh, playing myself up.
Talking about all the activities I do to distract from the gaping hole that is my life.
Launching into a detailed explanation of something that nobody...
Interrupting you because I feel like a mediator and you tend to go on and on...
Robbie, prodding about something you love cause I need you to smile and not to look like such an asshole.
Yea, if you hurt her, I will kill you.
Relating that to something I know about Kelsey, so you guys know I listen.
Ahh, positive things about Kelsey.
Yea, she's all we have in common.
Maneuvering into a conversation about something that I just read on the internet!
I was just talking about that!
Well, then I'll try out a potentially offensive joke.
Trying not to be a stick in the mud, but definitely offended.
I like you better now that I know you're a hater too.
Okay, defending Chris' joke.
Trying not to see too emotionally overworked by politics.
Ahh, apologizing even though I totally don't mean it.
Ohh, hmm, I'd like to get drunk in the morning.
Joke at Kelsey's expense.
I mean, joke at Kelsey's expense.
haha, wondering why I hate you all.
Negative things about Kelsey.
No, negative things about Kelsey.
Eh, negative things about Kelsey.
Trying not to seem outrageous. Glad you guys are all getting along.
Alcohol makes us friends!
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If Meeting Your GF's Friends Were Honest

19089 Folder Collection
Sabrina Hsu published on November 16, 2016    Sabrina Hsu translated    Colleen Jao reviewed
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