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So, the other day I skipped merrily up to my boyfriend and I asked him...
- Hey babe, do you notice anything different?
- Aaaaa...
Hua! Dancing vagina.
- Mhyhy, hahaha... (ominous laugh)
And it was so funny, I mean it wasn't funny but it was kinda' funny
Because everytime I ask
- Do you notice anything different?
It's like my partner hears
"What always runs but never walks?
Often murmurs but never talks?
Has a bed but never sleeps?
Has a mouth but never eats?"
It's a river!
"We hurt without moving. We poison without touching.
We bear the truth, and the lies. We are not to be judged by our size.
What are we?
Oh god, think, think, think...
Words! It's words!
"Notice anything different?"
Is it...
(breaths heavily)
But I can't help it, you know...
like if I do something I wanna know if you've noticed it.
And it's not like I'm trying to trap you.
But I am trying to test you.
(dynamic music, clock ticking)
(alarm clock)
Wait, you tricked me!
What has eyes but cannot see?
A grown man but a baby!
Don't do this!
You don't know me at all...
Oh no, babe! No!
But I don't know, maybe this is like a really heteronormative thing, right?
Like, I don't know. If I was a gay man would I be able to get away with this?
- Hey babe, notice anything different?
- You moved your hair part to the center, changed your glasses from holcomb to ripley, microbladed your 'brows, really got good at that cat-eye.
And are now making a more conscious effort to be fashionable.
And you're killin' it.
- Oh my god! Baaaaaabe!
I love you.
- Love you too!
Or is that stereotypical of me?
I don't know
>>Like I want to be more LGBTQ+ inclusive but that's not my experience so I can't necessarily speak on their behalf
so know that that cutaway was a straight girls simple musings on what is obviously
a more complex and three dimensional homosexual relationship in the context of this videos explorations of "do you notice anything different".
Huh, disclaimer out.
But what about you? Maybe you ask your partner this question and it's no big deal.
And they don't even react that way at all.
- Do you notice anything different?
- No, what'd you do?
- Oh, I got my eyebrows done.
- Oh, cool. Do you wanna watch TV?
Maybe instead of the fear of not getting it right, they're sad that they didn't get it sooner?
Oh my god! What are you saying? Of course you got your hair done!
I should have seen that right away. What does it mean?
Does it mean we're not in love anymore? But I thought you were the love of my life.
I failed as a human being.
Personally, I notice everything.
- Hey babe, do you notice anything different?
- Ya, you're giant cat now.
- Uh. Can't get anything past you.
Oh man...
I'm Anna Akana.
Stay... right here for a sponsored message that I wrote in a riddle and it was really hard but I did it.
And maybe I fell into a pool after it, who knows?
Only you will know if you stay.
Or you could scroll sooner
I can't control, can't control you.
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That's Audible.com/Anna
The best way to defeat a troll is to immerse them in knowledge.
Where did my water bottle go?
Oh, it's here.
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The One Question Men Fear

26097 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on November 23, 2016    Matilde Wu translated    Sabrina Hsu reviewed
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