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You were joking back stage. You said you were a little upset that you were not in the Harry Potter films.
Because you were in a giant franchise---
You were in the one of the biggest movies of all time.
But for a long time I was one of seven British actors who was not in Harry Potter.
You know what I mean?
So I would see these films come out and like, yeah yeah, Harry Potter.
So I was already an adult by the time they were coming out.
So I didn't quite get their appeal, and I hadn't read the books.
And it was only when I became a dad, and my children started being interested in them,
that I thought it is great and fun, and I love watching them as a family thing.
But yeah, for a long time,
it was just me and six other people going... staring through the window like orphans in the Dickens’ book.
How old are your kids?
6 and 9.
Oh my god. That's so cute.
Congratulations on that.
Thank you.
But I mean, are they psyched that their dad is the Hobbit? Do they get to see this or no?
No, they do. They are some bits that are a little bit dicey. Because, you know, it's a big spiders in this series of film.
You know, there are some scary bits and some of it is kind of dark.
Trust me, I get scared.
There is, as they say mild peril.
But yeah. They are very proud that their daddy is in it.
There’s also the 3D, IMAX. I mean, imagine being a 9 year old watching the IMax.
I've not even seen it in IMAX.
Have you?
Yes! Of course I've seen it. Absolutely.
You were amazing in IMAX.
Was I good in IMAX?
Much bigger, much bigger.
But it's unbelievable, because you submerge into this world and it surrounds you.
That's just the most fun thing in the world.
They’re kind of made for these giant screens.
They sort of... Uh...
I think what Peter Jackson's strength is though, as a film maker, as well as sort of working on that scale, and those kind of the epic nature of it,
he always wants you to care about character, he always wants you to care about stories...
So in the mix of the huge battle sequence so whatever,
they're some of the best choreographed battles I've ever seen.
He would always cut back to eyes. You know, the cost of this violence, the cost of these battles.
It's not just the boys shoot among movies or whatever it is.
It's always still about characters.
And it's the last one, right?
It is. It is the third of the three.
Unless you know something I don't.
Yeah I do. Uh...
It's gonna be a movie that the Hobbits… It’s a surf movie.
Yeah yeah. It gets weird, but it's still in IMAX.
So it's gonna be fun. Hobbits surfing is really fun.
No, but this is it! This is the fun. Are you sad?
Or a little emotional? Bittersweet?
No, I'm not sad. The last day shooting, I got kinda emotional when saying good bye to people,
realizing it's been on and off two and half years of your life with those people,
because from beginning to end it was two and half years.
Lovely! Amazing!
Lovely casting crews.
So yeah! As you saying goodbye, you realize that is, "God this is it now."
That's slightly emotional. But really, it's just relieved that you can now share it with an audience.
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Martin Freeman Is Upset He Wasn't in Harry Potter

14847 Folder Collection
Hsin published on November 19, 2016    Hsin translated    reviewed
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