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  • Someone's eyes can tell you a lot about that person.

  • Like if they're flirting with you, if they're intoxicated, and sometimes, if they are lying.

  • Our eyes are known as the windows to our souls, and sometimes passages to another dimension.

  • But the color of our eyes could be the code that unlocks the secret of who we are as people.

  • So what does your eye color say about you?

  • Black eyes.

  • Black eyes form when there is a large concentration of melanin in the iris.

  • People who have true black eyes are very rare,

  • and it's believed that people with very dark brown eyes are considered to have black eyes.

  • People with this eye color are known to be very trustworthy, and reliable,

  • and can possibly be shy in their early years.

  • As they get older, they focus on financial and emotional security.

  • People with black eyes are also known to be very kind,

  • and would rather talk about spirituality, and not other people.

  • Brown eyes. Brown eyes are the most common eye color in the world.

  • They are formed when a person has more melanin in their iris than a person with light eyes.

  • Someone with this eye color is known to be loyal, independent, and have a knack for exploring.

  • These traits make people with brown eyes the best leaders,

  • because they exude strength and confidence.

  • Brown eyes are also known for their keen sense of elegance.

  • No matter the occasion, brown-eyed people will show up in style and flow with grace.

  • People rocking brown eyes are also considered very adorable,

  • because they are known to cheer others up and make them laugh.

  • Hazel eyes.

  • Hazel eyes are another rare breed of eye color.

  • They usually consist of different shades of blue, green, and brown.

  • It's tricky to pinpoint this eye color, since there are so many variations of it.

  • These colored eyes are so unique, because the mixture of melanin and light

  • reflect properties that can be very different from one hazel-eyed person to the next.

  • People sporting this eye color are said to bore easily

  • and may not bode well in long relationships.

  • Their sense of adventure and passion for risk-taking

  • may play a part in their tendency to be unengaged when not stimulated.

  • This eye color may also indicate that a perosn is sharp, witty, and unpredictable.

  • Because a person with hazel eyes likes to avoid conflict,

  • they learn form an early age how to be sharp, and cunning when conflict occurs.

  • Blue eyes. Blue eyes first started showing up around 6,000 to 10,000 years ago,

  • and everyone who has this eye color are linked to one common ancestor.

  • The blue eye color occurred when a mutation formed in this ancestor

  • that "switched off" the ability for that person to create brown eyes.

  • People with this eye color have less concentration for melanin in their iris than brown-eyed people.

  • Some cultures where brown eyes are common see blue eyes as a curse.

  • People with this eye color tend to be most attractive to each other.

  • They aren't alone because most people agree that blue eyes are the most attractive eye color.

  • Blue-eyed people are also deemed least trustworthy, but are good and strategic thinkers,

  • so they might be able to con others easily.

  • Violet eyes. Violet eyes are among the rarest eye color.

  • Someone with these colored eyes have what is known as Alexandria's genesis.

  • The myth that makes up this mutation dates back to ancient Egypt

  • when a bright light formed in the sky over sleeping Egyptians.

  • The myth goes on to explain that anyone who went out to gaze upon the light

  • developed shining white skin and dark violet eyes.

  • Though this is hardly scientific, people with this eye color are very mysterious,

  • and are known to be noble and refined.

  • Gray eyes. Gray eyes are considered very genetically close to blue eyes, but are not quite the same.

  • Scientists believe that people with this color eyes are initially born with blue eyes,

  • but as they get older, the color changes to gray.

  • The color gray is associated with old age, therefore people with this eye color are viewed as gentle and wise.

  • Because of their calm and gentle nature, people with gray eyes make the best caregivers.

  • They also tend to be very clean,

  • and like to keep a clean appearance and house.

  • Green eyes. Green eyes are another rare color, and it's estimated only 2% of the world possessed green eyes.

  • Since this color is so rare, people possessing them are found very desirable,

  • and are known to have intense and long-lasting relationships.

  • Green-eyed people are also known to be mystical and magical,

  • and during the Salem witch trials,

  • having green eyes was a way to identify someone was a witch.

  • Green eyes are also associated with envy, hence the term "green-eyed monster,"

  • so people with this eye color may be more jealous than people with other eye colors.

  • Amber eyes. Amber eyes can sometimes be confused with hazel eyes.

  • Though hazel eyes have flecks of red or yellow, amber eyes always remain a golden hue.

  • Amber eyes occur when the iris has lower melatonin and high pheomelanin.

  • People who have this eye color are said to have wolf eyes

  • because of their color resemblance and personality traits.

  • Like wolves, these people are social animals, and have a need to fit in.

  • They can also be cunning and alluring, and are found to be sexy and very appealing.

  • What did you learn about your eye color and what it says about you?

  • React in the comment section below,

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Someone's eyes can tell you a lot about that person.

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10 Things Your Eye Color Reveals About You

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