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- Oh I love their ribs.
- Yeah, I'm getting the hankering.
- Yeah, we should go.
Come on then, let's go.
- Oh, I actually don't think I can,
I'm still working on this anthro paper.
- What, I was just gonna do mine tomorrow.
- Yeah, same.
- Oh really?
I don't have any free periods tomorrow.
- God, you never hang out with us.
- I really want to, I'm just,
I'm taking six classes this semester and it's crazy.
I mean, it's fun, I'm learning a lot
but I'm so fucking busy.
- Well, we really should go, don't wanna be late so, sorry.
- Okay well have a lot of fun.
Invite me to the next one, I'm down.
- I hope so.
- What?
And so we should ask ourselves
has American political discourse really changed at all?
Feels like an A.
Dude, I'm so tired.
- Oh, did you stay up all night studying or something?
- I stayed up till like three in the morning
reading about H. H. Holmes, do you know him?
- No.
- Oh my god, okay, he was America's first serial killer.
In like 1893, he built this hotel in Chicago,
they think he killed 200 people there.
- Wow.
- Yeah, he used to sell their skeletons to medical schools.
- Cool.
- So crazy.
Anyway, what'd you do last night?
What are you up to now?
- Probably gonna skip my bio class and take a nap.
- What?
- It's a gen ed.
- I love that class.
Okay, you can use my notes.
- Okay, one last thing you guys, here's the big question.
Do you think Hamlet was faking his insanity?
June, what do you think?
Okay, all right, Madison?
- No I don't think so,
I mean think about everything he lost.
He can't believe in religion anymore,
he can't trust society, he can't trust love,
and he can't even trust his own philosophical beliefs
because all of a sudden ghosts exist.
And I think that's plenty to drive a man insane.
- Very true, but also, you have to bear in mind
that his insanity only shows up when he needs it to,
it could be very calculated.
- Yeah, but I don't-- - think about that.
Guys, your essays are due on Wednesday.
If you need me I have office hours later on today, okay.
No extensions this time, okay.
I mean it.
Oh, hey Madison hold up.
- [Madison] Yeah.
- I think you should read this book on Hamlet.
I think it's gonna bring you around to my perspective.
- Oh, awesome.
- Take your time with it,
I don't need it back any time soon.
- Okay great, thanks so much.
- Sure.
- Oh my gosh, this class is amazing.
- I know right, so good.
- I have such a crush on professor Watzmann,
he is so smart.
- What, like a crush crush?
- No, like a professor crush, everyone has one.
- You do, I don't.
- Really? - Really.
- What about Mr. Thomas, I hear he speaks six languages.
- [Friend] Oh, not my cup of tea.
- [Madison] Really? - [Friend] Really.
Whoa, who is this?
- I don't know, I see these all the time
and it's getting really annoying.
- Hey guys. - Yeah.
- What's up, what are you doing this weekend?
- I think just some parties,
that kind of stuff. - Yeah, the yoosh.
- I'd love to hang out if you're around.
- What, you're not too busy with work?
- No, no I finished all my work
and I just wanna have like a fun weekend with you guys.
- Oh my god, you're gonna hang out with us?
- Yeah, you wanna get drinks tonight?
- Yeah. - Yes.
- Awesome.
Cool, we should go to the pub and then,
I don't know, whatever you guys have planned.
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Signs You Actually Love School

27063 Folder Collection
Kristi Yang published on December 8, 2016    Megan translated    Sabrina Hsu reviewed
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