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  • Hello, FunTube fans around the world.

  • I’m Shaun.

  • Do you know what happens on the second Sunday of May?

  • It’s the time when

  • carnations

  • cards

  • gifts

  • kisses

  • and hugs

  • happen.

  • That’s right.

  • It’s Mother’s Day.

  • Hey, kids, I know you got lots of things you want to say to your mom,

  • but you don’t know how to say it.

  • So, let’s look at how you can tell your mom that you love her.

  • Mom, I really like the breakfast you prepare for us,

  • but please don’t use it as an excuse to wake us up.

  • The breakfast will be more delicious if I could wake up by myself.

  • Peter, time to get up.

  • Your breakfast is getting cold.

  • James, wake up!

  • Peter is eating your breakfast.

  • Mom, do you know you are beautiful when you smile?

  • So, shout less, smile more.

  • Peter, is there a boom in your room?

  • James, did you get an F in your Chinese course?

  • Are you a foreigner or something?

  • Jimmy!!!

  • Mom, do you know our home is clean enough.

  • Stop cleaning.

  • Take a rest.

  • Finally I can take a rest.

  • So thirsty

  • Mom, if Dad wants to kiss you, let it be.

  • Were cool with that.

  • We like to see you and Dad having fun.

  • Darling Jim...

  • do you know what day is today?

  • How can I forget?

  • It’s our 10th wedding anniversary.

  • Mom, I’m home.

  • Whatre you doing?

  • Notnothing...

  • Finally, Mom, if you want to dance,

  • just dance!

  • Mom, I’m home.

  • You...Youre home early.

  • Mom, you can do everything you want.

  • Well still love you.

  • Every day can be Mother’s day.

  • I love you Mom.

  • Sabrina, you made me become a better man.

  • Thank you.

  • Now you know what to say and what to do on Mother’s Day.

  • Wishing mothers around the world a happy Mother’s Day.

  • See you.

Hello, FunTube fans around the world.

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何嘉仁FunTube看世界 【Mother's Day 】

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