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  • - So you're living in-- And I visited you there,

  • Portia and I and my brother,

  • and we were lucky enough to go see you.

  • But it's a big place. Now--

  • - It's a big house.

  • - First of all, are you used to living in it by now?

  • Do you get used to that?

  • - Yeah, yeah, you absolutely do.

  • I mean, when we first moved in,

  • it was like drinking from a fire hydrant, you know?

  • Just everything coming at you, trying to--

  • - Have you tried that before? How would you know what that is?

  • What a weird thing to do.

  • - It's true. I guess you're right.

  • Let's just say it's hard. It's really hard.

  • It was hard.

  • - And what will you look forward to the most

  • when you're able to live a somewhat normal life?

  • - You know, the one thing people don't realize

  • is we can't do little things like open windows.

  • You know?

  • I mean, I look forward to getting in a car

  • and rolling down the window

  • and just letting the air hit my face.

  • I mean, I haven't been in a car with the windows open

  • in about seven years, if you can imagine that.

  • - No.

  • - So I'm gonna spend that first year

  • just hanging out the window.

  • Just...I'll just...

  • Ah, the wind, you know?

  • - People driving by.

  • "Was that Michelle?"

  • - Like, "She's hanging out the window again."

  • - "Michelle was outside the sunroof."

  • - "Get back in!" - Yeah.

  • - I just want some wind in my face.

  • - Yeah, I don't-- - Small things.

  • - You don't think about that.

  • - Yeah, we can't open windows.

  • I mean, the windows in our house don't open.

  • - But on "Scandal" they go on the balcony all the time.

  • You know? - There is the balcony, yeah.

  • That's real. - So you can go on the balcony.

  • - We do, and go on the balcony,

  • but that's really the only door we can open to the outside.

  • - Oh. That's a bummer.

  • - It's-- - Yeah.

  • - It's interesting. - Yeah, it really is.

- So you're living in-- And I visited you there,

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