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Adam Ruins Everything
Hey, Vanessa! 35K a year! Not bad!
Megan—woo, seventy, good going!
Bob, six figures, very impressive.
And Charles! Six . . . dollars? You only make six dollars a year?
Asking for a raise is mean.
Stop this right now Adam! You can't discuss salaries openly like this!
Why not?
Because it's—illegal.
No. It definitely isn't.
The right to share your salary is protected by the National Labor Relations Act.
Employees have the right to engage in—ugh, man this comic's boring.
You get the idea.
And being public with your salary actually benefits you.
So, without further ado—
No! I mean, even if it's legal, it makes me really uncomfortable.
Exactly. Americans have an enormous taboo against talking about money.
Most people would rather discuss their sex lives than their salaries.
So anyway, that's where I enjoy fingers during intercourse.
Aww, fascinating.
Say, how much money do you make?
Ahh! Oh God!
But all that taboo does is take power away from the employee, and give it to the company.
But if people know how much money I make, they'll resent me!
I mean, they'll know that I'm filthy, stinking—middle class!
No they won't. They'll resent the company!
Look, here's what you think will happen if you share your salary.
I make 85,000 a year.
You dickhead.
You should make less money!
And here's what would actually happen.
I make 85,000 dollars a year.
You dickhead. I should make more money.
Bosses like Benny love it when you keep your salary a secret
because it tilts paying negotiations in their favor.
It's a concept called information asymmetry.
If you don't know what the going rate is for your salary, it's easier for the company to rip you off.
I can only offer you $100 a day.
I guess that's what everyone here makes.
And this perpetuates the pay gap.
For instance, African American women make 64 cents for every dollar the average white guy makes.
I can only offer you 64 dollars a day.
I guess that's what everybody here makes.
The bottom line is: if you don't have all the information, you could get scammed big time!
We can only offer you six dollars a year.
I guess that's what everyone here makes?
Buddy, how do you survive?
I live here.
Discussing your salary with your coworkers is your right as an employee.
When you let these guys stop you from doing it, you push your own wages down,
which means you're spending more years of your life slaving away in a job that doesn't pay you what you're really worth.
You're right!
All of this is a waste of time.
Hahahaha you're saying all of these people are wasted, and it's not even 5 o'clock.
It's a joke.
Stop trying to lighten the mood with your fantastic boss humor.
This is all your fault.
My name is Shayna Monroe, and I make 30,000 dollars a year.
My name is Becca Niesen, and I make 40,000 a year.
My name is Charles Wicket. I make six dollars a year, and I demand a raise!
I want a raise too!
Viva la revolución!
Yes! Share your salaries with the world!
Negotiate for better wages!
You can achieve informational symmetry!
For knowledge is power!
Stop right there!
Everybody loved me.
And you destroyed everything Adam!
Now you pay . . .
Don't do it Benny! I bruise easily!
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Adam Ruins Everything - Why You Should Tell Coworkers Your Salary

37876 Folder Collection
Kristi Yang published on November 18, 2016
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