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  • Adam Ruins Everything

  • Hey, Vanessa! 35k a year! Not bad!

  • Megan? Woo, 70k, good going!

  • Bob, six figures, very impressive!

  • And Charles! $6... dollars? You only make $6 a year?

  • Asking for a raise is mean...

  • Stop this tight now, Adam! You can't discuss salaries openly like this!

  • Why not?

  • Because it's... illegal.

  • No. It definitely isn't.

  • The right to show your salary is protected by the National Labor Relations Act.

  • Employees have the right to engage in... urgh, man this comic is boring.

  • You get the idea.

  • And being public with your salary actually benefits you.

  • So, without further a do...

  • No! I mean, even if it's legal, it makes me really uncomfortable.

  • Exactly. Americans have an enormous taboo against talking about money.

  • Most people would rather discuss about their sex lives than their salaries.

  • It's the only way, that's why I enjoy fingers during intercourse.

  • Aww, fascinating.

  • Say, how much money do you make?

  • (slap) How dare you!

  • Ah... Oh god!

  • But all that taboo does, is take power away from the employee, and give it to the company.

  • But if people know how much money I make, they'll resent me!

  • I mean, they'll know that I'm filthy, stinky... middle class!

  • No they won't. They'll resent the company!

  • Look, here's what you think will happen if you share your salary.

  • I make 85k a year.

  • You dickhead.

  • You should make less money!

  • And here's what would actually happen.

  • I make $85k a year.

  • You dickhead. I should make more money.

  • Bosses like Benny love it when you keep your salary a secret.

  • Because it tilts paying negotiations in their favor.

  • It's a concept called information asymmetry.

  • If you don't know what the going rate is for your salary, it's easier for the company to rip you off.

  • I can only offer you $100 a day.

  • I guess that's what everyone here makes.

  • And this perpetuates the pay gap.

  • For instance, African American women makes 64 cents for every dollar the average white guy makes.

  • I can only offer you $64 dollars a day.

  • I guess that's what everybody here makes.

  • The bottom line is, if you don't have all the information, you can get scammed, big time!

  • We can only offer you $6 dollars a year.

  • I guess that's what everyone here makes...? Ha...

  • Buddy, how do you survive?

  • I live here...

  • Discussing your salary with your co-workers is your right as an employee.

  • When you let these guys stop you from doing it, you push your own wages down.

  • Which means you're spending more years of your life slaving away in a job that doesn't pay you what you're really worth.

  • You're right!

  • All of this is a waste of time.

  • Hahahaha, you're saying all of these people are wasted, and it's not even 5 o'clock.

  • That's a joke.

  • Stop trying to lighten the mood with your fantastic boss humor.

  • This is all your fault.

  • My name is Shanan Monroe, and I make $30k a year.

  • My name is Becca Neeson, and I make 40k a year.

  • My name is Charles Wicked, I make $6 a year, and I demand a raise!

  • ... please?

  • I want a raise too!

  • Revolution!

  • - More Money! More Money! More Money! - Yes!

  • Yes! Share your salaries with the world!

  • Negotiate! For better wages!

  • You can achieve informational symmetry!

  • For knowledge is power!

  • Stop right there.

  • Everybody loved me.

  • I was a good boss.

  • And you destroyed everything, Adam.

  • Now you pay.

  • Don't do it, Benny. I bruise easily.

Adam Ruins Everything

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Adam Ruins Everything - Why You Should Tell Coworkers Your Salary

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    Kristi Yang posted on 2022/01/03
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