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  • So for the summer I asked some comic book aficionados who they thought the hottest comic book character was.

  • And this is what they had to say:

  • So who do you think is the sexiest superhero?

  • Man: Storm and Sue Richards, the Invisible Woman.

  • Poison Ivy's pretty good,

  • I guess Rogue would be.. the sexiest superhero.

  • Then I asked you guys to vote for who you thought the hottest superhero was.

  • We added up the comments and found the top ten:

  • "Trumpets!"

  • Numbers 9 and 10 were a tie between 2 of Superman's cousins;

  • MonkeyKong86 summed it up what he wrote:

  • Supergirl or Powergirl.

  • I still have arguments with myself on that one.

  • So do we, MonkeyKong, so do we.

  • "Trumpets!"

  • We all want what we can't have. That's why number 8 is Rogue,

  • That sexy untouchable Southern belle!

  • You can't keep a good woman down, number 7

  • has proved that time and time again.

  • I think 'soy tu ama' put it best when he said:

  • Electra is the hottest.

  • "La caliente chica"

  • If you like girls that like to play games, then you'll love number 6.

  • We have to be careful that Harley Quinn's normal squeeze doesn't get jealous.

  • You wanna make sure you get your homework turned in on time to this headmistress.

  • And you better watch those dirty thoughts "Trumpets!" because number 5 can read your mind.

  • The White Queen.

  • For number 4, you're gonna need an ocean of calamine lotion

  • You guessed it, it's Poison Ivy.

  • Air Traffic Control has a terrible time with number 3's invisible jet,

  • But they don't give her a hard time because she's

  • "Trumpets!"


  • Better treat number 2 right,

  • because she's used to being treated like a goddess.

  • It's Storm.

  • Finally, number 1 will be no surprise to most of you,

  • You better keep up with this girl

  • If you don't, she might start cracking the whip.

  • The sexiest comic book character of them all is...Catwoman.

  • Thanks for watching, let us know in the comments below

  • If you agreed or disagreed

  • with our list.

  • But personally, I thought it was perfect.

So for the summer I asked some comic book aficionados who they thought the hottest comic book character was.

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