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Hello I’m Crown
Today I’ll be introducing some common English acronyms!
Welcome back to Crown’s vocabulary series~
Last episode we introduced the Moon Festival vocabulary
today, I’ll be teaching some
popular acronyms that you’d see on the Internet!
This series will mainly be in English
so remember to turn on the subtitles if needed
Social media is such a big part of our lives nowadays
We go online to get our daily dose
of entertainment and information
However, sometimes we might see
a lot of words on the Internet
that we’re not so familiar with
among them are the acronyms
You know it’s not real English vocabulary
they’re just letters put together
to form somewhat of a word
But what do they mean?!
What do YOU (acronyms) mean?!
What do you mean~~~
So today I’ll be introducing
some really common and popular acronyms
that people normally use
For Your Information 供你參考
This is pretty straight-forward
I’m giving you some information
that you might wanna know
or might be interested in
Before Anyone Else 北鼻寶貝
So the person you’re calling BAE
is your first priority
and you put them before anyone else in the world
Laugh Out Loud 大笑
LOL basically means laugh out loud
other times it might mean
the popular online game, League of Legends
and sometimes people might misuse it
like this funny text message here
You Only Live Once 人生只有一次
This acronym is used
to encourage people to do
what they normally won’t do
and just give it a go
Cuz you only live once, so no regrets
By The Way 喔對了
By the way is something you’d say
when you wanna add additional info
If you want to annoy someone
just type “btw”
followed by…nothing
As Soon As Possible 越快越好
You’d often see this in e-mails or text messages
when you are required to reply
or answer at your soonest convenience
To Be Honest 說實話
This acronym is used
before you say something completely truthful
Pro tip!
When you see this
be prepared to get insulted
Throwback Thursday 舊照重PO
At first this was a commonly used
# hashtag on Instagram and Twitter
now you can see it almost anywhere
You use this when you share a picture
to “throwback” to an earlier time of your life
and is usually posted on Thursdays
Pretty cute, right?
Frequently Asked Questions 常見問題
You probably know what this means
but you might not know that it’s
“frequently asked questions”
F*ck My Life
What's the Chinese for this...?
When everything is going so wrong
you just kinda wanna give up on life
You’d be like, fml
Thank God It’s Friday 感謝老天是星期五了
TGIF, I think this is what everybody
would shout out in joy every week
when they reach Friday
It’s finally the end of the working days
and here come two whole days of rest and fun
Not for us though, we work 7 days a week
RSVP (Répondez S'il Vous Plaît) 希望你能回覆
(I don't think that's English~)
This is not English, but French
and is normally seen on invitation cards
It just means, “respond if you please”
so you’d take it as an invitation
to respond to whatever was asked of you
Talk To You Later 晚點聊
Also a very common term on the Internet
normally used at the end of a chat
When you say TTYL
you’re ending the chat until another time
Now that you’ve learnt all these
popular internet acronyms
you can try them out
on your social media platforms
There are still a lot of acronyms on the Internet
so if you’d like to learn more
or if you think I missed out any important ones
tell me in the comment section down below!
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And that’s a wrap, thank you guys for watching as always
and I’ll catch you guys next time! See ya!
British accent here (來個英式英語)
Can you bring me some water (可以給我點水嗎)
Here. I have some water here (這裡。我這裡有些水)
Hermione (妙麗) Harry (哈利)
Come here (過來這裡)
(I know my British accent is totally not on point >
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Decoding Common Internet English Abbreviations

31630 Folder Collection
梁蕎庭 published on October 29, 2016
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