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- How do you walk in those shoes?
(upbeat music)
- Maybe we could restructure?
- Here's an idea, how about we restructure?
- Yes, great idea, Joanna.
So, how do you manage the work life balance?
You like to bake.
How about you handle the cake for Gina's birthday.
Is work less of a priority for you now?
Does your wife help?
With the kids?
Wow, are you gonna eat all that yourself?
Well, we shouldn't have too many men
on the project, you know how that can be.
I'm assuming you two can work together
without getting catty.
- And then I said, "Well, I didn't know that."
- Look at you being funny. I didn't know men could be funny.
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If Men Were Treated Like Women In The Office With Carly Fiorina (Presidential Candidate)

11769 Folder Collection
Joy published on October 28, 2016
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