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Hello people, welcome back to our channel!
Today is a very special day so I’ve decided to do an English Corner video!
I will be sharing 50 random facts about me,
don’t forget to turn on the Chinese subtitles, and let’s cut to the chase!
My English name is Crown, and this is because the second character of my Chinese name is 冠.
People say that I look like a tall person in the videos, but I’m actually only 5 feet 2, which is 159.6 cm.
And yes, I must emphasize the .6, it makes all the difference.
I was born on October 27, 1992, which makes me 24 today!
I like anything that is sweet: cakes, candies, ice cream, chocolates, beverages.
You name it. I just have a SUPER DUPER sweet-tooth.
Normally when I drink bubble milk tea, I ask for full sugar,
and sometimes going a little bit more than full sugar.
I am a very very picky eater, I still eat some vegetables, but I hate a lot of veggies.
My favorite food is meat and eggs. If you give me meat, I’ll be very happy.
I used to have asthma when I was a child, but then I outgrew it, now I sometimes have it when I’m sick.
My favorite manga of all time is One Piece, but I don’t read the comics, I watch the anime.
My blood type is B.
I know how to play the flute and the piano, but I’m not really good.
I get sick very often, like on a weekly… or even daily basis?
It’s not so severe every single time, but you can definitely see me taking medicine like they are vitamins.
I learnt Japanese, French, Spanish before, back in middle school, high school and college respectively,
but they’re just not my thing.
But I know Korean and can do basic conversation.
I graduated from the English Department of Fu Jen Catholic University in 2015.
As you all probably know, I love singing but I can’t read the notes.
I probably just never really put my heart into learning to read them.
I can cook, but all very simple dishes.
So every time we film at home, I’ll be cooking for lunch.
I don’t smoke and I’ll never smoke.
I have had natural curls ever since I was born, and so my hair is always kinda frizzy.
I studied abroad in Singapore for four years at the age of 7,
and after that came back to Taiwan to study in an American school.
I have allergies. Especially in the nose.
And that’s why I always carry a big pack of tissue whenever I go out.
I love to read, I’m a typical bookworm, and that’s why: all the books back here.
As of right now, I own a total of 189 books on my shelves, and they’re all English novels.
My two favorite movies of all time is About Time and Pride and Prejudice.
I’m not really good at putting on make-up,
I just do the basic foundation, the blush, and my eyebrows, and sometimes eye-liner.
I think I look better with my glasses on, so you can say I don’t feel so confident without them.
I’ve never had short hair since 2nd grade in primary school.
I don’t exercise...cuz I’m lazy. (YES)
I’m a little bit messy, but I swear I can almost always find what I want in my piles and piles of mess.
I genuinely enjoyed the Twilight series when I read it back in high school.
Winter is my favorite season.
I do a lot of impulsive buying. Yep, I’m not proud about that.
Normally, I have two kinds of laughter. One when I really mean it.
And another when I’m laughing at something I think I'm not supposed to be laughing at.
The second one goes like this. Herhahahaha.
Speaking of laughter, it makes me kinda sad when people criticize my laughter.
But I can’t help it, I just laugh easily.
I have a small fetish with collecting shiny coins.
Ugh it’s so heavy.
I’m like a dragon, I like shiny stuff.
Blankey! I own a small blankey, and it goes where I go.
My grandma made it, and I have been using it forever.
I hate it when people wash my blankey.
I don’t drink wine or beer cuz I don’t really like the taste, I would rather drink soda.
I also don’t have a habit of drinking coffee.
If I were to drink one, it has to be like a decaf, and really sweet coffee.
I’m super bad at math.
I’m also bad at drawing. I can do stick figures but I think it would look pretty bad too.
I’ve always wanted to have a pet dog or cat
but I only had a pet hamster back in Singapore and I named him Rex.
My favorite novel genre is science fiction and fantasy.
If I devote my time and really focus on a book, I can probably finish it within 3 days?
I’m terrified of all kinds and forms of insect.
I’m scared of butterflies, ladybugs, moths, not to mention the other ones.
I consider myself a very empathetic person.
I can really relate to other people’s feelings and would hope to console them.
Growing up I’ve always been in a Christian or Catholic environment. So, Christianity seems natural to me.
My favorite color is blue, white, yellow.
Pink and purple are good,too. Green is also not bad… Uh, I guess I like all kinds of color.
I am a very punctual person, I would not tolerate myself being late.
I’m a very light sleeper. Most of the time, I can’t sleep with light or noise.
But my brother would always come to my room while I’m sleeping and whisper "Are you sleeping?”
and I would jolt awake in shock and he would scurry away back to his room.
I don’t do that…
You do that.
Last but not least, I aspire to be the kind of person who gives people strength and happiness.
So there you have it, 50 random facts about me.
Boom! In your face.
if you would like to know anything else about me, leave a question in the comment section down below.
Also, please share with me one random fact about yourself! I would totally love to hear it!
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And that’s a wrap, thank you guys for watching, as always
and I’ll catch you guys next time! See ya~~~
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50 Facts About Crown

65946 Folder Collection
梁蕎庭 published on April 11, 2017
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