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  • Hello, I'm Andrew Marston, and welcome to season 3 of Tour Japan

  • the show where each episode I tell you about a place in Japan, and then we go there

  • and despite what seasons 1 & 2 may have led you to believe

  • there is in fact more to see in Japan than just what's in Tokyo

  • and with that in mind, this season we're headed to the former captial of the country Kyoto

  • which also has the highest density of shrines, temples, old stuff, and tourists taking pictures of them

  • Today we're headed to Kinkakuji, which is one of the most iconic places in the entire coutnry

  • and one of the 17 locations that make-up the "Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto UNESCO World Heritage Site"

  • Basically we're talking about a 3 story zen temple

  • next to a pond

  • with the top 2 stories covered in gold leaf.

  • And as if being shiny wasn't good enough,

  • each level of the building was built in a different historical architecture style seen here.

  • Now, I know what you're thinking,

  • and the answer to your first question is yes, that IS a gold phoenix on the top.

  • but to answer your second question no, you are not allowed inside the temple.

  • So, when you visit, after visiting the Golden Pavilion itself,

  • you'll walk through the beautifully manicured complex

  • along paths where you'll encounter things like

  • places to throw money

  • places to spend money

  • places to eat money

  • and of course, stone lanters

  • if this is your first time to Kyoto, Kinkakuji is a must visit location

  • I'm not trying to tell you what to do

  • but you have to visit Kinkakuji.

  • So let's go see it for ourselves.

  • I'm curious if this sort of major tourist attraction like Kinkakuji interests you, or if you'd rather see more off the beaten path, hidden-gem kind-of locations.

  • Let me know your preference in the comments

  • Thanks for watching, I'm Andrew Marston, see you next time.

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Hello, I'm Andrew Marston, and welcome to season 3 of Tour Japan

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