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So we are in Asakusa
Well not Asakusa techinically. Oshiage
at Skytree.
One of the tallest buildings in Japan
and the second tallest building in the world.
This is my first time here, so I'm pretty excited
but I also have a pretty bad fear of heights.
And we're gonna go all the way to the top
so we'll see how this goes. Let's check it out.
So, I just found out that there's
a thing called a Fast Skytree ticket
for international vistors
It's a little bit more expensive.
It's only 300 yen more expensive,
but you can get past a lot of the lines
Definitely worth it, if your wanting to get here and have
the rest of your vacation to spend.
The waits here are pretty long.
So I would recommend going with this route if you can.
This is the Fast Skytree Ticket Counter.
So we're only on the first of the two observation decks.
This is like 350 meters up in the sky.
It's actually beautiful weather today.
So you can see Mt. Fuji. I don't know
how well the camera will pick it up, but I can catch it.
It's so fantastic.
I actually feel better about this because there's two,
the one on top and the one on bottom.
So worse case scenario, I fall through the top one,
I still got the bottom one to catch me
and just have a mini heart attack.
So I'm gonna film this way
that way I don't have to look behind me.....
Nope can't do it. I'll watch the video later.
This is me filming from the second highest...
in the world.
Actually the way this is set-up
is it has a little...walkway that wraps around the entire tower.
We're currently at the highest point on Tokyo Skytree.
That's it for today's video
Definitely worth checking out
especially if you DON'T have a fear of heights.
If you come here, it's not just the gallery not the gallery...
the observation deck...
There's also shops, shopping, restaurants
and Solamachi downstairs.
If you come here, climb up to the top, have a good time, come back down to the bottom and do some shopping.
Anyways, this is all for today's video. Peace.
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2067 Folder Collection
むなかた じゅん published on October 27, 2016
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