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  • Hi, my name is Trevor Mak and I'm a graduate in the 1984 MBA class.

  • I stay connected because I think this is a great school and

  • I benefit the education and I want to repay to the school through working for them in Hong Kong.

  • We actually, in Hong Kong have done two very interesting or exciting functions

  • outside of Canada. We have done two convocations in Hong Kong. One was in 1998 and the second one was in 2008, which is 10 years apart.

  • We have been able to bring out all the students who are in Hong Kong

  • who would like to walk across the stage in front of the board of directors from the U of A to receive their degree again.

  • In most cases some of these families have never seen their son graduate, so we said why don't we bring it out to the home country which is Hong Kong.

  • Initially we had over a 1,000 people joining the function.

  • This is a very successful event and very memorable. And we are planning to do it one more time in

  • hopefully, not 2018, but sooner.

  • Today is hockey day in Hong Kong and we have bring out some

  • Canadian hockey players who are holding Stanley Cup rings to themselves

  • I think mostly Calgary Flames and one Oilers. These people are playing floor hockey with kids in the school.

  • Today we have about 10 alumni joining us to help out the guests to answer questions that we may have about going to study in Alberta, especially the U of A.

  • We have two young grads, one from 2011 who just came back, and I think they provide a very good perspective on student life and study in Alberta.

  • I think it is a wonderful experience to actually stay connected with your Alma mater, and also with the students who come from the same background.

  • Actually they are coming back to work in different professions in Hong Kong, and it's actually good for fresh grads to find out ideas and suggestions

  • on how to stay connected with the community in Hong Kong to be successful.

  • The T-shirt is about doing great things like we are doing today, and we're going to volunteer our time to help the U of A to promote their presence

  • in Hong Kong and also in Canada. And I think we also say to our alumni, 'come to us,' and it's a great place to meet new friends and old friends.



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