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Oh (beep).
Oh (beep).
(western music)
(whip crack)
Wait I need a second.
(laughter) Oh my God! I don't wanna do this.
I mean it looks totally doable.
Looks and smells delicious, looks like a Dorito.
[Cameraman] Three, two, one.
It's spicy, it tastes just like a Dorito.
Honestly it's spicy, but it's not that bad.
- Not the hottest thing that I've ever had I don't think.
I think I'm tearing up.
I am tearing up, oh my God.
OK wait. (coughs)
My God.
My tongue is numb. (coughs)
I'm good are you OK?
I'm OK, it's starting to hurt now.
Oh man, I don't, my ears.
There's like a pain cemented in all of my mouth.
OK never mind, taking that back. (coughs)
I am tearing up literally right now.
[Cameraman] Don't touch your eye.
That is right, I touched my eye
when I was not supposed to.
I'm not feeling really all that great.
[Cameraman] Where's the pain?
- Oh my God. - You're crying.
I have no idea why I signed up for this.
(coughing) - It's an indescribable pain.
Like there's gasoline on fire in my mouth.
It feels like someone's stabbing me inside of my mouth.
It's like getting a bunch of paper cuts on your gums.
Why would anyone even?
Yeah maybe it is bad.
I can't feel my lips right now, but.
Well you start questioning everything.
It hurts so much that my tongue
doesn't work the way it's supposed to.
[Cameraman] So scale of one to 10,
how would you rank this?
This is definitely the spiciest thing I've ever had.
But it's not an enjoyable spicy thing I would ever want.
It's coming back.
That's the cruelest thing about it.
You think it's over and then it just.
Oh no, want the garbage can?
I'm not glad at all.
I hate my life.
(coughing) - We signed up for this.
We did.
We just see an E-mail and go,
"Yeah that sounds like a good idea".
- Yeah. (laughter)
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People Try To Eat The World's Hottest Chip

17898 Folder Collection
Ricky Chang published on November 7, 2016    Arnold Hsu translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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