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What were you thinking?
I thought it'd be cute
Cute? Bitch, you're pushing 30
Technically, right now, I'm Forever 21
You're right. Rompers are for toddlers and Beyonce
You look fine as fuck. Hello Beyonce
More like Blue Ivy
Okay sure, yeah. It's a little childish but in like a sexy way
Like pigtails
I'm pretty sure pigtails are just for kindergartners and pornstars
Fashion is all about owning it. Do you know that the most stylish thing you can wear -
Please don't say crop top
You look like a snake that just ate. No problem. There's a drawstring. It's like a belt, but bunchier
Look at your legs
And your 180 degree wedgie
Cameltoe is the new underbutt
It's definitely not
Look, when is the last time that you bought something that you were really excited about?
Oh, I got this pair of jeans with an elastic waist
Exactly. You need a little fun in your closet
How are you supposed to pee in this monstrosity?
Honestly I feel like I could just do it out of one of the legs. Oops, no, whatever
I don't know, just go into the stall and get naked. It'll be fun. So free, so summer
Until someone barges in on you with your tits out scrolling through Instagram
Don't listen to her. You look dynamite
You don't look like a dynamite. You look like a grenade
You look like a girl at Coachella
Oh, actually I do agree, because the way the fabric hangs, it looks like you're passed out on the floor of a porta potty
It's casual. It's low maintenance
Except you need someone to guard the bathroom door while you free the nipple just to piss
Fashion is about making a statement
In this case that'd be "My boyfriend's gonna hate this!"
Don't dress to impress a man
So I'll just dress to impress other women. There's nothing intimidating about that idea
Look, rompers are awesome, okay? It's like wearing a skirt, but when you're on the subway, your pussy doesn't touch the seat!
I did it! I overcame all the insecurity that goes into making a new fashion choice!
Well fuck
You can't return that
I know. I ripped the tag off
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Should You Buy A Romper?

10569 Folder Collection
Chloe Tyan published on October 25, 2016    Chloe Tyan translated    Steven reviewed
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