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(droning music)
- Hi there.
(speaking in foreign language)
This is the sixth running
of the world's greatest drag race.
This year, the competition is tougher than ever,
however, I think I'm driving the winner.
This is the all new Acura NSX.
And in addition to all-wheel drive, I've got three,
count them one, two, three electric motors.
What's good about an electric motor in a drag race?
Instant torque.
The second I hit the gas pedal, I get all that torque
at zero RPM.
And then the high horsepower gasoline engine takes over.
Plus, I've got a quick shifting dual clutch transmission.
However, there are 11 other cars that think
they have a shot at crossing that finish line first.
Let's meet the competition.
Wearing a creamsicle inspired paint job,
it's the Aston Martin V12 Vantage S with its funny shifter.
There's the impressive-handling Chevy Camaro 1LE.
There's an eye-searing yellow Shelby Mustang GT350R.
Oh, the great looking water-injected BMW M4 GTS.
The track day champ, the Dodge Viper ACR.
This has to be the best looking Porsche of all time,
a Miami blue Carrera S.
Here's the most powerful Jaguar of all time, the F-Type SVR.
The return of the Jewish racing gold AMG GTS.
Godzilla makes another appearance.
There's the impressively powerful and ridiculously light
McLaren 570S.
And here's the teutonic stud, the Audi R8 V10 Plus.
And none of them stand a chance.
(engines revving)
This is the world's greatest drag race six.
- What Johnny doesn't know is that I've gone to the office
and stolen his long term Dodge Charger Hellcat.
I'm going to use it in the race.
- Sup bro?
- Hey, Johnny.
What are you driving?
- NSX. - Cool.
- Yeah, you?
(coughing) - Hellcat.
- What?
(coughing) - Hellcat.
- My Hellcat?
That's not part of best driver's car.
- It has more horsepower and torque
than anything here, though.
- That's a good point.
The only problem is that we got 12 guys dressed like this
and 13 cars.
So I suggest we just cut the slowest one here,
that being your Aston Martin.
Why are you smiling? - Okay.
- I just put tires on the Hellcat.
I'd like two weeks out of them, okay?
- Two minutes, maybe.
(engine revving)
Okay, so the 707 horsepower Hellcat
might have the most power here, but it's a big heavy sedan.
There's another car with almost as much horsepower,
the Viper ACR.
It has just 650 horsepower,
but it weighs 1,151 fewer pounds.
With a manual transmission, long gearing,
and really sticky tires, the Viper is a tricky car
to launch properly.
Get it right and you're in store for a 3.3 second run
to 60 miles an hour.
However, at higher speeds, that big wing
creates lot of drag, and that slows it down.
The McLaren doesn't have to deal with that,
and thanks to its computer-controlled launch control,
it's a whole lot easier to get off the line.
Unfortunately, it gives up a hundred horsepower
to the Viper.
Then again, the 570S is the lightest car here,
and then there's the Audi.
The R8 is 500 pounds heavier than the McLaren,
but it has all-wheel drive to rocket off the line.
Plus, it's naturally aspirated V10 screams to 9000 RPM,
and it's dual clutch is one of the quickest shifting
transmissions on the planet.
Will that be enough to edge out the rest of these
horsepower-riddled cars?
Hang on and find out.
(dramatic bass music)
(engines revving)
Alright, there's nothing really for me to do.
Just sit in my air conditioned seat, put it in drive,
and fight wheel spin the entire way down the runway,
because this is a big stupid sedan with 707 horsepower.
- He stands no chance in that Hellcat against this, the NSX.
And have I mentioned how easy it is to launch this Acura?
Super easy.
- Alright, five, four, three, two.
(engines revving)
(engines humming)
- I kicked the stuffing out of Jason in the Hellcat.
- 707 horsepower and I finished in the back of the pack.
- Vietnamese coffee, who knew?
- [Jason] It's all over pretty quickly
when you have cars this fast.
The NSX's electric motors gave it a jump off the line,
but the Audi blows right by on its way
to a 2.6 second zero to 60.
And the Audi stays in the lead the whole way,
crossing the quarter mile marker after just 10.6 seconds.
If we'd kept going, the R8 would get passed by the McLaren,
which is less than a car length behind,
but traveling almost two miles an hour quicker.
101 feet and 6/10 behind the Audi is Godzilla itself,
the Nissan GTR, which crosses the line just 16 feet
before Johnny and his NSX.
That's right, Johnny, hope you're enjoying fourth place.
Next up, the Mercedes AMG GTS, followed closely
by the Jaguar F-Type SVR.
Oh, but if you think the Viper's up next, you're wrong.
It's that insanely overachieving Porsche 911
pulling an 11.5 at a 120 miles an hour.
The Viper is 12 feet behind the Porsche.
Then 4/10 of a second later, here I come
in a big heavy Hellcat, which didn't win,
but it did spin its tires long enough
to beat the M4 GTS by two car lengths.
The Mustang Shelby GT350R was right behind the Bimmer,
and then in dead last place, is the Chevy Camaro SS 1LE.
That's right, the slowest car in this group runs a 12.4
at 114.2 miles an hour, or in other words,
zero to jail in 10 seconds or less.
It's a good thing we're on a closed course.
(engines humming)
Can you guys see me?
'Cause it feels like I have my back to the camera.
You okay?
- You should have your back to the camera at first.
- Okay. - Yeah, it's okay.
- Okay.
- [Johnny] That's Tony's new technique, back to the camera.
- [Camera Man] Back to camera, is it?
- Put your back to camera--
- [Johnny] You're doing a lot of stuff
with like people's backs and cameras lately.
- I love it. - Step to your left, Jason.
- [Johnny] Really?
- We all set guys? - Ah, this breeze.
- [Camera Man] And then he turns around, right?
He's looking away?
He's looking away and turns to us?
Perfect do it again.
- [Jason] That was a little weird.
- [Camera Man] Why was that weird?
- My laugh was a little weird. - There was a couple flubs.
- [Camera Man] One more time?
Not perfect, do it again.
- Yep, imperfect. - Imperfect.
- Just pretend it was perfect.
- [Camera Man] What do you want to have your last line be?
You say nevermind, love you.
- This is the world's greatest drag race six.
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World's Greatest Drag Race 6!

460 Folder Collection
Chester published on October 17, 2016
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