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What's up guys, it's Jeffrey. How's everybody doing?
So the other day, I got really offended because some people told me that I wasn't manly enough.
I'm not gonna lie, that hurt me a little, because honestly, I totally don't see it.
Me? Not manly? Psh, you're joking, right?
"Jeffrey, do you know where's the...?"
Okay look, we're in the middle of winter and my skin's been needing some moisturizing lately.
As a matter of fact, I just bought some new lotion, for, for my hands obviously.
Mm... What? Don't judge me.
Besides, in part, I'm trynna have smooth skin for the ladies 'cause you know, I've never heard them say they like the opposite.
"Wow, you have really dry skin. That's so hot."
"Yeah? You like that?"
"Yeah, can I peel it off for you?"
No, that never happens.
Okay, fine, you know what, I admit it.
Not all the things that I do would be considered really "manly", but screw it.
I'm not getting hurt from it anymore.
So what if sometimes at home as a man, I decide to pee sitting down.
Truth is, it saves a lot of trouble if you ask me.
Yeah, my mom doesn't really like that.
Also, peeing sitting down has a big advantage.
Like, it's the only time for me to finally say that I can truly, multitask.
"Nah, I'm just ironing my clothes for tonight."
I think I can send this file right now. Don't worry about it."
"sending in 3, 2, send."
"You're welcome."
"So how's your life?"
You see?
Trust me guys, I'm pretty sure that's how girls develop these multitasking abilities, for all these centuries.
We, we have some catching up to do.
Also, as a man, I don't really shave.
And it's not like I don't want to.
I just don't really have facial hair.
Now that I think about it, the closest that I've ever gotten to that, is tweezing my eyebrows.
A few months ago, a friend of mine told me that my eyebrows wasn't on, wasn't on "fleek", so she decided to tweeze them.
And since then, the hair just grows thicker and faster, every single day.
"Bro, we gotta go, what's taking you so long?"
"I'm tweezing my eyebrows."
"Are you serious?"
"You already tweezed them yesterday, who cares..."
"Look, I'm almost done."
"...I think."
"Yeah, I'll wait."
Dang, I knew it was a trap.
But you know what... It's cool. Imma just do me.
I'm not gonna let gender stereotypes change me.
And, and you shouldn't either.
Anyways, I actually gotta go moisturize my skin again, so uh...
Thank you guys so much for watching, I'll see you guys very soon, this is JeffreyFever and I'm pressing the record button, now, peace!
Agh, now my hands are all wet.
Oh my arms are a little dry too.
*outro music*
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Being A Man

31103 Folder Collection
Ngọc Vân published on July 15, 2017    陳彥文 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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