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There have been moments where seat assignments will change and we're not sitting next to each other, and it's a thing, a thing that must be corrected
Yeah, we like, make people trade with us
Here are 10 moments that we think every BFF pair can relate to
Should I get bangs?
I mean, they're just a little small
Damn girl, look at all that ass
Party? You can come party! You wanna do that?
I mean, it's still early. Where are you guys going?
Freddy, I just - I just peed myself. So will you come help me in the bathroom? Yeah, we have to...
Plastic applicators are bad for the environment, but good for the soul
Good for the soul, and good for my hole
Can we nap?
Yes please
Can I borrow PJs?
I'm thinking about adopting a puppy
Freddy, I really don't think you're ready for that
Why is my body making that sound?
My boss literally just emailed me. It's 10 at night
Do not respond, nope
I feel like my favorite thing about Freddy is when she gets mad, 'cause I think it's hilarious
Yeah, it's so funny
'Cause she's so little and adorable, but when she's mad, she's just like, "I don't have time," and you're like, "okay!"
He's cute
Oh, go talk to him
Hell no!
Why not?
What are you talking about, Freddy? It is 2016. You can go over there and ask him out. Come on
I'll come with you. Let's go
Thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure to tag your BFF in the comments below, and tag also your crotch
Oh, sharp tongue
Thank you so much for watching Ladylike. If you'd like to see more of us, click there and subscribe to our channel. Or take off these covers because none of us are wearing pants
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Best Friend Moments Everyone Can Relate To

25755 Folder Collection
Chloe Tyan published on October 21, 2016    Chloe Tyan translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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