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Hello and welcome to up to speed. Photokina is now underway in cologne in Germany. And
its got off to a flying start, with several camera manufacturers announcing new cameras.
Photokina is a photography based event, the clue is in the name after all, so all these
cameras that have been announced are designed for stills photography. As we all know though,
that doesn't mean that they can’t be used for video, so lets take a look at what we’ve
The most exciting news in my opinion is the announcement that Panasonic is working on
the GH5 and it will be released early next year. We all know and love the GH4, which
has become a staple camera in the video world. It was the first small mirrorless camera to
offer 4K video, and gained a lot of users because of that. It has a smaller sensor than
most of its competitors as its a micro four thirds camera, but it made up for that by
bringing 4K video and other video orientated features like peaking, zebras and slow motion
to the table. These were features that competitors like sony and canon just weren't adding at
the time, and in some cases still aren't.
So that was in 2014, now in 2016 Panasonic are working on the GH5. They wont be releasing
the camera until early next year, but they have just given us a glimpse at its headline
features. The GH5 is going to upgrade the 4K video which we know from the GH4 to have
10 bit, 4:2:2 colour, which is another first for mirrorless cameras. Plus you also get
the option to increase the framerate up to 60 frames a second in 4K. So you can now choose
wether you want 50p 4K video, or 25p 4K with 10 bit 4.2.2 colour. This is a big step up
for 4K recording in small cameras, both 10 bit colour and 50p 4K are really sought after
features for video production. So having them both in one small camera could attract a lot
of attention.
The GH5 also has a 6K photo mode, which we know very little about at the moment other
than it will mean you can extract 18mp stills from a 6K 30fps video. Panasonic are saying
this is a photo only option though, so you wont be able to use this as 30fps 6K video,
why not though we aren't quite sure yet. It did cross my mind though that they did something
similar with the GH4 and a 4K photo mode, which later turned into a 4:3 anamorphic mode.
So perhaps this 6K photo mode could be turned into a 6K 4:3 anamorphic video mode in the
future, who knows.
Sony have also got a new camera, the new A99 mk2. Interesting this is a new flagship camera
for their Alpha SLT range which uses the older A mount rather than Sony’s E mount which
they have been pushing with the A7 and FS ranges. The A mount actually has a good selection
of lenses available for it, but hasn't been used in a while now. Many people, myself included,
had almost written of A mount and assumed sony were focusing all their attention on
the newer E mount. So a new flagship for the A mount is quite a surprise. It looks like
a good camera though, Full frame 4K video without pixel binning, S log 3 and up to 120fps
in HD. It seems much like a Sony a7R 2, but in a larger form factor with an A mount.
Those were the two big announcements, but they certainly aren't all thats new. I dont
have time here to go into detail on all of the new products. But i’ll still give you
a quick run down: Go Pro have a new Hero 5 black and hero 5 session cameras as well as
their new Karma drone. They look like slick and simple products but its nothing really
we haven't seen before from other manufacturers. They seem to be focusing on making it easy
and simple to use for consumers, rather than making professional tools. Nikon have also
announced an action camera, the KeyMission 170. On paper it seems to match the Go pro
very well and at a similar price point, so it will be interesting to see which performs
better once people start getting their hands on them.
Sigma has a few new lenses. An 85mm F1.4 Art lens to add to the lineup and a 12-24mm F4
full frame wide angle, which is actually the 3rd generation of this lens from sigma but
the first one to be given the Art branding. Its a ridiculously wide lens for full frame
cameras so its definitely worth looking at.
Olympus have announced the OM-D E-M1 mk2, its a 20 MP camera in a small Weatherproof
camera body which can shoot 4K video at up to 30p. And FujiFilm is showing the GFX 50S.
A medium format camera which looks very interesting if your in the market for a practical medium
format camera.
Let me know in the comments what you think of the new announcements. Whats caught your
eye? Our deal of the week this week at ProAV is 10% the popular sennheiser EW112 wireless
lav mic set. They are a fantastic wireless system, well tried and tested in the industry,
so if you want to get 10% visit or give our sales team a call. Thanks for
watching, make sure to hit like and subscribe as it really does help us out, and i’ll
see you in the next video.
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GH5 + Sony A99II + GoPro Karma - Photokina 2016 - Up to Speed

165 Folder Collection
alex published on October 9, 2016
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