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Stem Cell Treatment for Epilepsy In epilepsy, the brain is permanently in a
state which tends to produce convulsions. So, epilepsy
is characterized by recurrent seizures. Generally, an epileptic seizure is an abnormal function
of the central nervous system sudden and transient appearance. It usually lasts no more than
two minutes. Epileptic seizures can occur both
in the form of spasms as involuntary movements or
states of dementia. Embryonic stem cells have the unique capacity to develop into any type
of cell in the human body; blood, bone, brain tissue, liver tissue, skin
tissue, etc.. Embryonic stem cell research can help
regenerate and restore damaged brain tissue, making it an extremely viable therapy for
individuals diagnosed with various forms of the epilepsy.
Scientists and researchers have studied and determined that neuron precursor cells taken
from embryonic stem cells can be transplanted or
implanted into brain tissue and generate new brain
tissues in that area. Over 80 nations have conducted studies and experiments in this
field, which has led to positive results expressing hope
for extremely effective therapies for improving brain
function not only with individuals diagnosed with epilepsy, but those diagnosed with Parkinson's
and Alzheimer's disease as well.Scientists and researchers are focusing on neurogenesis,
or the production and proliferation of new and healthy neural cells in the brain
and central nervous system to help alleviate symptoms
of epilepsy in millions of individuals around the world. Current studies have determined
that therapies and studies underway may have extreme
beneficial effects on epileptic syndromes, and
studies will certainly continue into the future in regard to learning and understanding regeneration
or neurogenesis of brain cells and tissues that may help alleviate, reduce, and even
someday cure epilepsy syndromes found in most children and adults.
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Epilepsy Treatment - Stem Cell Therapy for Epilepsy

193 Folder Collection
for people published on October 7, 2016
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