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Further progress with piloted driving
during test drives on the autobahn A9 near Germany,
Audi demonstrated that a car can now even show social competence.
All the driving maneuvers performed by the research carjack,
were performed with consideration for other road users.
The piloted Audi A7 signals upcoming lane changes by activating the turn signal,
and moving closer to the way marking .
Just like a human driver would do.
International media representatives were impressed.
Yes, it was amazing.
How quickly you get used to it - to the system.
How quickly you trust the car!
Motorway situation is really amazing!
smooth, soft.
There's no doubt about it, I wasn't afraid at all.
At first I thought I would be a little bit scared,
and sit in the back and think "oh!"
but that wasn't the case,
you trust the technology extremely quickly!
High-performance processors evaluate the signals from all the sensors in the vehicle,
which means the piloted Audi A7 always has a precise image of its surroundings.
The Bavarian minister of state, Ilse Aigner, sees technical progress for herself,
and what's technology take over at the wheel.
It's very cool. Yes, it's flashing the turning light
with a large gap.
Well, I always have great faith in the technology because I know it is equipped
with multiple redundancies and you can really rely on the technology.
So I was really quite relaxed about the whole thing.
In other words, autonomous driving is possible already,
once the legal obstacles have been overcome,
this will soon be a normal site in road traffic.
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Audi A9 - piloted driving

2481 Folder Collection
Angel Cheng published on October 5, 2016
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